Q4 2021 Product Updates:

November 2021

October 2021

November 2021

[Looking for Beta users!] Student dashboard:

Student Dashboard is undergoing a revamp and we're looking for beta users to help us test it out:

  • The updated Student Dashboard is exciting! We're looking towards making the Student Dashboard more engaging and student-focused for your students. It'll include reminders for tasks, My Lists management, upcoming events, university suggestions based on students' information and preferences from their profile, and more! These changes will help improve the way students discover universities, events on Cialfo, manage their application journey, and work better with their counselors.

  • To obtain early access and be a part of our beta group, please fill out the form here by December 3, 2021, and one of our Product members will reach out to you.

Submit your UCAS Applications on Cialfo:

As mentioned in the October Product Update, students can now apply to UCAS universities on Cialfo through Direct Apply. The same rules apply, your student can only apply up to 5 universities. You can refer to this help article to learn more about what steps you need to take as a counselor. For students, we have a quick self-help resource found here.

Remember, in applying through Direct Apply, students will receive an application fee waiver, free visa service support, and qualify for guaranteed Cialfo scholarships (for select universities)! If you're interested in learning more about UCAS on Direct Apply, please reach out to your Client Experience Manager (CXM) or refer to our FAQ help article here.

University Search - Courses/Majors:

You asked and we heard! Under the new University Search, it's been enhanced to search for courses or majors! See the sneak peek below:


  • The bugs from October have been resolved, however, should you encounter any other sending errors, please refer to this help article or raise it to Chat with Cialfo.

  • Common App One and Done Policy: We've been receiving some questions about Common App’s One-and-done policy, please note that you can find their announcement here. The policy indicates that shared documents like School Report, Counselor Recommendation letter, Mid Year Report and, Optional Report will be sent to all Common App applications of the student.


  • You can now upload GPAs in the Upload section, please refer to this help article regarding the different types of GPAs/grades you can upload.

  • You can now upload guardians that have more than 1 student easily! We’ve upgraded our Users uploader to support this, making your uploading experience smoother and easier.

October 2021

cDocs Troubleshooting

As document sending ramps up for the November 1st deadline, you may encounter some issues while sending your documents, which may occur for various reasons - usually dependent on requirements by the Common App. To help you with this, we have compiled a cDocs troubleshooting article to address some issues you may face before attempting to send the required documents again.

Explore Visits

Universities are still excited to meet with you and your students! This is a great opportunity for your juniors or even seniors who may not be sure where they’d like to apply to yet. Be sure to set up your school’s Explore Visits now.

To set up the Explore Visits feature that will allow universities to arrange visits with your school, refer to this help article.


UCAS on Direct Apply

Your students can now apply to UCAS universities through Direct Apply! In doing so, they will receive an application fee waiver, free visa service support, and qualify for guaranteed Cialfo scholarships (for select universities). Watch the below introductory video to learn more about submitting UCAS applications on Direct Apply.

You can register here to activate UCAS on Direct Apply for your school.

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