This article will address FAQs regarding UCAS on Direct Apply! If you don't see your question answered below, please send us a message through Chat with Cialfo or contact your Client Experience Manager (CXM).

  1. What is the benefit of managing my UCAS applications on Cialfo?

    • One place, all applications: Manage all your applications in one place! You can manage all of your student's global applications (UCAS, Common App & Direct Apply) on Cialfo.

    • Additional support: Student Education Advisors (SEAs) who will help students throughout the application process

    • Automatic updating of information: Your students' offers and results would be auto-updated on Cialfo, allowing you to have a more robust reporting system.

    • Waived application fee: The UCAS application fee would be waived for students that apply through Cialfo.

    • Scholarships: Students would be eligible for scholarships wherever applicable.

    • Visa assistance: Visa processing help will be provided.

  2. Which Cialfo high schools can use UCAS on Cialfo?

    In this first version, only schools that do not have a Buzzword can manage and submit their UCAS applications on Cialfo.

  3. Will the UCAS limit of 5 applications still apply if the student submits the application through Direct Apply?

    If your student is applying to UCAS universities via Direct Apply the limit of 5 applications will still be applicable. Students will not be able to submit more than 5 UCAS applications.

  4. What is a buzzword?

    A UCAS Buzzword is a unique alphanumeric code provided by UCAS to identify a school or organization. It helps to link a student’s UCAS account with "an Advisor's" UCAS account to assist in the application process to the UK.

  5. My school has a buzzword. Is there any way I can manage my UCAS applications on Cialfo?

    Schools that have their own buzzword can manage their UCAS applications on Cialfo if their students use Cialfo’s buzzword to submit their applications instead of using your school’s Buzzword.

  6. Why do my students need to use Cialfo’s Buzzword?

    Using Cialfo’s buzzword will allow us to process all of the applications directly through Cialfo.

  7. My student has already added the school Buzzword in their application. Can they still submit their application through Cialfo?

    If the student has added the buzzword but has not paid the application fees, they can still change the buzzword to the one that Cialfo provided the student is willing to work with the CIALFO team to confirm the change with UCAS.

  8. My student has already submitted their application directly through UCAS. Can I still manage their application through Cialfo?

    If the application has already been submitted, you will not be able to manage it on Cialfo. However, you should still manually add and update the application in the students' applications section so you can track this and build up your reports on Cialfo.

  9. Which UCAS universities are available on Direct Apply?

    Students can apply to all UCAS universities through Direct Apply.

  10. Is there an additional cost for my school if we submit UCAS applications through Direct Apply?
    There is no additional cost to the school nor student to use this service.

  11. Will the application fee to all UCAS universities be waived?

    Yes, Cialfo is offering an application fee waiver to all students that submit their UCAS applications through Direct Apply.

  12. I am new to counseling and the UCAS application process. Can Cialfo help me?

    We have a team of Student Education Advisors (SEAs) who will guide you and your students throughout the process. They will advise the student on a number of things - ranging from the application process, visa processing, pre-departure, and more!

  13. How will I submit any supporting documents?

    The document submission for counselors will be done through cDocs. You will be able to control the sending of the reference letters or any other required documents. This will allow you to manage and track the application from start to end within Cialfo.

  14. What are the required documents that I would need to prepare to complete a UCAS application?

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Student: Submit Statement of Purpose (SOP)

    2. Counselor: Submit the predicted grades by uploading and as an initial transcript through cDocs.

    3. Counselor: Submit the reference as plain text within cDocs.

      After the above is complete, the application submission via UCAS will follow. Some universities may at a later stage choose to reach out to the counselor/ referee directly in order to obtain a soft copy of the applicant's reference provided previously, issued on the school letterhead, signed and stamped.

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