Note: The previous version of the Student Dashboard will still be accessible, alongside the new Student Dashboard.

We are very excited to announce that we are improving the current Student Dashboard with a brand new look to include reminders for tasks, sorting and adding of universities to My List, upcoming events, and much more! You can find the Student Dashboard on the left-hand menu for Students and on the same left-hand menu for counselors after selecting the student.

Browse Universities and Events

At the top of your dashboard, you will now be able to easily search for universities as well as events hosted by universities that you have added to your lists.

* Do note that "Scholarships" refers to Direct Apply or Cialfo Scholarships. If Direct Apply is not turned on nor available for your school, this card will not be shown.

At A Glance; Your Applications

Underneath the Browse search bar, you will be able to view 4 cards of data, giving you an overview of your university application numbers.

  • My Lists card will display the current statistics of your 3 Lists: Applying, Shortlist and Longlist.

  • The Applications card will display a summary of all of your university applications and if they have been Submitted, Not submitted or Accepted.

  • The Direct Apply card will also display a summary of your university applications for Direct Apply programs only.

  • Under the Scholarships card, you will be shown the highest scholarship amount that you are eligible for.

My Feed

An important aspect of your university application process is ensuring that you are kept up-to-date on the things happening around you. Under the My Feed section, you will be kept informed of:

  • Events and College Visits hosted by universities that you are interested in

  • Result announcement on any of your Direct Apply applications

  • When your counselor has broadcasted out an announcement

  • When you have been assigned to a new survey or there was an update to a current survey

Clicking into 'View All' will allow you to filter by University as well as by Post.

Recommended Universities and Trending Events

What if you have yet to begin your university application and you're not sure where to start? Or if you have begun your search but you would like to see what are the other possibilities the world has to offer? Look no further!

Under the Recommended Universities section, take a peek at the different universities in regions that you are interested in applying to and explore the endless options available. These recommendations for universities are based off information that you have included on the platform to provide you with better options for good fit.

Here at Cialfo, we regularly host a multitude of events with our university partners to bring you personalized events to get to know more about them. From our AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to webinars on how to write captivating personal statements, you are spoilt for choice! Head over to our Trending Events section and easily register for any of our events with just one click.

Reminders Hub

The sidebar on the right of the Dashboard page will keep you reminded of things to look out for or to do for the week. This includes whether your profile has been completed, university deadlines, events that you have signed up for to any tasks that your counselor has assigned for you to complete.

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Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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