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Cialfo's latest Reports feature was built by working hand-in-hand with counselors from our partner schools to ensure that it will have the biggest impact on your day-to-day activities. With this upgraded feature, we hope to transform how you interact with and delve into your students' data — allowing you to generate custom reports and visualizations in real time, gain richer insights, and enable action-oriented decisions.

Users will still have the option to generate Reports from Reports Classic and from the Student List page.

Reports and Insights

1️⃣ Reports

Similar to Reports Classic, you'll be able to find the needed reports for Applications, Matriculation, and more! We have broken down Reports like Applications to granular data, this will be helpful for counselors who need to present to their heads of school or would like to analyze different types of trends overall.

Each Report has:

  1. The option to extract to an Excel or CSV file

  2. The option to collapse the sidebars

  3. The option to edit filters to control the information you're looking at

  4. A Definitions tab - to understand the report's components further

  5. Ability to reset the filters

2️⃣ Old Report - Insights

With insights, you'll be able to obtain an overview of your information and granular level with the help of charts and graphs. Insights allow you to both visualize and monitor the information you want. Let's take an example from the Applications - Insights report below:

  • You are able to see the total applications data of students from the graduation year of 2022

  • You can zero in on this data through the pie charts

  • You can tailor the population you want to see through the filters on the right-hand side.

3️⃣ Navigating

Upon selecting each Report or Insight, you can:

  1. Extract this information through our CSV, Excel, and PDF options

  2. Each Report has a definitions tab that you can select to understand the contents of the report better

  3. Have filters that you can edit on the right-hand menu by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the filter name

  4. Within an Insight, you have the option to download the chart or graph as an image to help with your presentations


  • This version of Reports can be activated for specific users at your school. If you do not have access to it, please reach out to your Client Experience Manager.

  • If you are using Safari as your browse, please ensure you have enabled cross-site tracking (found in Safari's Preferences > Privacy tab).

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