The Counselor Dashboard aims to present information to counselors from a bird's eye view. Like the Student Dashboard, it serves as your first point to see what you need to get done - from seeing how many students have signed in, to universities being on their Lists and being updated with Product Updates, the Counselor Dashboard is here to make things easier for you.

We are in the works of adding more to the Dashboard for Applications and cDocs-related cards in the next few months, so keep an eye out for that!

Let's get to the Dashboard itself! You'll be led to the Counselor Dashboard as soon as you log in. You can see what it looks like below.

What's under the Counselor Dashboard?

The Counselor Dashboard can be split into 2 - your main cards and the cards found on the sidebar. Let's get down to the main cards first, then move on to the cards on the sidebar.

Main Cards, Counselor Dashboard

Student's Registration Status

This card refers to students who have been sent a registration email and have appropriately set up their Cialfo account.

Select the students you haven't sent registration emails to Cialfo for with a quick click of a button without ever having to leave the page!

Last Signed in

Looking to see who's engaged and has actually signed in since you last launched? This card shows you how many students from each graduation year have signed into Cialfo!

Student's List

This card refers to how many students in that graduation year have placed universities in one of their School Lists (Applying, Shortlist, Longlist). It also shows how many have not placed any schools on their lists. This is a great indicator to see how engaged your students are with the university search, which students in that specific graduation year need more pushing or not.

You'll be able to sort the student by name and sort by the number of universities a student has on their list. You'll be able to select the needed student and be led directly to their My List Page to do some needed management or overview.


This card refers to all psychometric assessments you've assigned to your students in a specific grade level. You can track how many have completed a specific assessment and see who you'd need to follow up with for their completion.

You can sort the student's name and assessment completion status and click on the student's name to be able to reassign (if needed) assessments.

College Visit Schedule

This card shows you any upcoming visits scheduled for your school. Click on "View All" to look at all scheduled events in College Visits.

College Visit Schedule

This card highlights upcoming College Visits. If you've not set up your Visits for universities to book with your school, do so by selecting "Set your availability now," and you'll be led to the College Visits page.

Once you've set up your availability, this card will show a list of all upcoming approved college visits. You can click on a specific visit to see additional details as well.

Graphical user interface

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Counselor Dashboard - sidebar

Add students

Add new students to your school's Cialfo account! Selecting "Add students" will lead you to our uploaders for faster uploading of students by bulk.

Product Updates

If you've missed our Product Updates with our monthly Counselor Newsletter, no worries! We keep it highlighted for you to see on the right-hand sidebar.

Cialfo Community

Haven't joined the Cialfo Community yet? Join now to keep updated with our network of counselors, content, and more! You'll be able to see a preview of the recently posted content on the right-hand sidebar. If you've not joined the Community yet, feel free to here.

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