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This article is for the Reports Classic version - to view the help article for the latest version, click here. If you are unable to access the latest version of Reports, please reach out to your Client Experience Manager to put in your request for it.

Reports Classic is dedicated to generating 12 different downloadable Reports - from student testing, college admissions, matriculations and more. Additional reports can also be generated from the Student List page. Read this article for more information on how to use reports on the Student List page

Below, this article will focus on a brief description on each the 10 reports that can be found within the Reports section of Cialfo.

Class Profiles

This report provides an overall picture for a specific graduation year or multiple ones in terms of GPA standardized test scores and applications submitted.

Student Data

  1. Number of students 

  2. Overall class GPA 

  3. Average standardized test scores

Application Data

  1. Total apps submitted

  2. Apps per student

  3. Total acceptances

  4. Total percentage of acceptances

Student Data

In this report, students from a specific graduation year or multiple years will be listed in alphabetical order. It will display their overall GPA and highest Standardized test scores. This report is ideal for ranking students or finding deciles of students based on standardized test scores.

Applications by College

This comprehensive report lists the universities students applied to during the application years selected. This report is a useful tool with the information displayed taken from the information inputted into each student’s Application page. To ensure accurate reporting, it is recommended counselors and students update the information in Application as often as possible.  In addition, the report details the following:

  1. University Name

  2. Application Round and Deadline

  3. Application Result

  4. Fit Indicator/Likelihood

  5. Scholarship Notes

  6. Other Notes

  7. Groups

  8. Student GPA

  9. Student Standardized Test Results

College Matriculation

 This report provides a list of students with schools they plan to matriculate to the following year. Either the student or the counselor must update the school to Attending in Applications.

Expected Outcomes 

In Cialfo, students can elect to complete the College Fit Calculator in Schools to measure the Likelihood of earning an acceptance to a school.   This report keeps track of reported admissions decisions compared to Likelihood.

Score Profiles

The School Profile report compares student standardized score data with universities with respect to accepted students.  This is ideal when building a specific university profile for counselors and students to compare acceptance data with a student’s current GPA and standardized test scores.

Summary Data

The School Data report lists each university and provides data with a summary of accepted, withdrawn, attending, deferred, waitlisted, denied applications.

Teacher Recommendation Student by Teacher

This report lists each teacher with each student’s request for a letter of recommendation.

Teacher Recommendation Summary Count

This report provides a quick summary of each teacher who has received a request for a teacher letter of recommendation with a total number requested, pending and completed.

Test Ranges

An overview of all standardized tests completed by students. This report provides the following data for PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Test and ACT.

  1. The number of students tested

  2. Middle 50%

  3. Mean

Student Outcomes

With this report, a list of students in alphabetical order with one outcome per student displayed.  Possible outcomes include the following:


As with the Student Outcome report, this one generates a percentage (total = 100%) breakdown of all the outcomes reported

School Profile Reports

Do you need to generate specific reports to prepare your School Profile? Read more at:

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