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How to manage and update your applications as a student

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Updating College Application Information

After adding your applications to your list you will be able to find the applying colleges on the Applications tab that you or your counselor have added. Once you have found the college that you want to update, click on the chevron button and you will be able to find the following details.

· Application Round

· Application Deadline

· Likelihood

· Scholarship

· Documents sent by the counselor

The applying list is categorized into 4 delivery methods based on the applications added.

  1. UK DA applications

  2. DA

  3. Common App

  4. Other portals

Once the application is added to the applying list, it will be shown under the "In Progress" tab. You can click on the chevron on the right to view details like the study mode, likelihood, start date, round and so on. To remove an application click on the 3 dots and select "Delete Application".

UK DA Applications - To complete the DA applications click on "Complete application" to fill in the details.

DA Applications - To fill in all the required details, click on "Complete Application". You can also click on the 3 dots on the right to change the delivery method.

Common App - If you haven't linked your common app yet, you can do it by clicking on "Link Common App" and it will redirect you to a page where you can request LORs too. Now, apart from requesting LORs, you can also request transcripts from your counselors.

Also, to change the delivery method from the Common app to any available platforms added by the university, click on "Change portal" to make any changes.

UCAS - If you are interested in sending out your applications through UCAS then you can click on "Submit on UCAS" and it will redirect you to the UCAS portal. Submit your application after logging into the portal with your credentials.

Other Portals - These include the delivery method such as mail, sending out physical documents to the universities, Coalition Application and so on.

Submitted Applications

All the submitted applications would show up under the "Submitted" tab and the students can track their applications based on the delivery method chosen at the time of submitting the applications. Once the students have received their results they can update the application status/results under the "Submissions" tab.

Application results definition:

Guaranteed Transfer - Students will attend another college for one to two years, fulfill certain credit, course, and grade point average requirements before they can apply as transfer students and have a guaranteed spot at the University

Accepted Conditional - Accepted to the University, but will need to meet certain criteria in order to enroll

Accepted - Application accepted by University

Denied - Application rejected by University

Submitted - Application submitted to University

Pending - Application being reviewed

Withdrawn - Application withdrawn

Spring Admissions - Students are admitted to a school for the spring semester

Note: If you cannot find the college you want to update, it means it has not been added to your Applying List yet. The college must be in your Applying List before you are able to update the college with your application result.

The tab on the top gives the students important information related to the application deadlines, the number of DA applications added to the application list, submitted applications and if there are any details that are missing in the submitted applications. The students can click on the "Download" button to get detailed information about all their applications that will help them to review or make any changes to their applying list.

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