College Visits - Now on your Counselor Dashboard!

In this new release of college visits, two cards will be on the counselor dashboard for your convenience. In the two cards, you can monitor your College Visit Schedule and your College Visit Requests.

In College Visit Schedule, you can look at information for the top 3 upcoming confirmed visits. In College Visit Requests, you will be able to view the top 3 incoming requests and confirm requests directly on the dashboard.

If you need more information, clicking 'View All' will bring you to each corresponding page for management in a greater depth.

Navigating College Visits

You will now see three tabs underneath College Visits on the left-hand menu. In each of these sections, you might notice numeric notifications beside them indicating new activity in each:

  1. Schedule

  2. Requests

  3. Availability

In Schedule, the notification shows you either “Upcoming” for upcoming visits in the next 15 days or “X today” for “X” number of visits on the day itself.

In Requests, you will see the count of unconfirmed visit requests.

If you have not yet set your availability or if there are very few slots set for the school, you will see a 'Set now' prompt on the side of the Availability text. Schools that set their availability can receive over 50 visit requests from universities.

Understanding the Scheduling Page

To access this page, click College Visits > Schedule. You will see a dashboard that displays upcoming and past events ordered by the date. You can also manage your account settings from the same page on the top menu under 'My Settings' and 'School Settings' options. Clicking on either option will redirect you to your settings page.

Please note that users may not view 'School Settings' due to user types and access levels. Typically, only admin-counselors possess the ability to make changes to school settings.

To access college visits at a deeper level, you may click on the scheduled event, and a sidebar will appear showing the overview of the event and the attendees. It will also allow you to edit the information of the event.

In the Attendees tab, you can view information such as Registration Deadlines, the number of registered students, and the ability to add other attendees if necessary.

If you need to edit any information, clicking on 'Edit' will redirect you to the Edit requests page in College Visits > Requests page. More on that in the next section!

Managing College Visit Requests

Clicking on College Visit > Requests will allow you to view all incoming College Visit requests. This is where you can confirm, reschedule, and cancel requests.

To do so, you may toggle between Existing and Cancelled requests at the top of the page.

You will also have access to filters to manage college visits, including information such as Country, College Type, Visit Type, and Visit Statuses.

Clicking on a selected request will prompt a pop-up with additional information on the request. It will also allow you to make further changes and contact college reps to coordinate college visits to your school.

Managing your school's Availability

Clicking on College Visits > Availability will provide a quick snapshot of all the openings your school currently has. Non-recurring slots are color-coded in blue text, and recurring slots are color-coded in purple text.

On this page, you will have the option to manage your availability in a few ways: Add Bulk Availability and Add Slot. Add Bulk Availability will provide you with a quick way to add more than a one-time slot for your school.

Similar to the previous version of College Visits, you can select a Start & End date for the slots you would like to add. To add multiple slots for the same day, click the '+' button to the right of the day of the week you would like to add to. Similarly, clicking the trash button will delete the selected time slot.

Clicking on a specific date on the calendar will allow you to add individual slots to the specific date.

Availability Settings

To manage the information that college reps will be able to see, click on 'Settings' on the top-right hand corner of the page. You will see a window that allows you to customize the messaging and information for individuals who want to create visits with your school.

Sharing availability with College Representatives

Sharing your school's availability with college representatives is now easier than ever! You will be able to simply click on the Copy Link button and share away! College Representatives will have direct access to your school's availability and will be able to schedule a visit with you directly.

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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