The Power of Bulk Actions

From assigning counselors to students, sending out registration emails, deactivating students and more!

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Within the upper bar of your Students page, you will come across a section labeled "Bulk Actions." However, this section will only become visible after you select the checkbox next to a student's name or choose the checkbox above to select all students.

The Bulk Actions feature enables you to perform the following actions for one or multiple students:

  • Assign Counselor

  • Assign a Group

  • Deactivate

  • Did Not Graduate: This marks the student as "did not graduate" and deactivates them, ensuring they are excluded from reports.

  • GDPR Compliance: You can indicate GDPR compliance on behalf of your students by selecting this option.

  • Send Registration Email

  • Send Registration Email to Student's Guardians

  • Unassign Counselor

  • Unassign Group

  • Reassign Assessments

  • Assign Common App Counselor

  • Activate: To access this action, switch to the Deactivated tab.

After selecting an option from Bulk Actions, remember to click 'Apply' to execute the action. Please be aware that selecting the 'Send Registration Email' option will immediately send registration emails to the chosen students..

Pro tip: Instead of manually selecting your entire students list, you can utilize our filters to easily choose a specific group of students. You have the option to filter by criteria such as Graduation Year, Group, and more. To learn more about how to use filters effectively, read this article here.

Bulk Actions for Individual/ Selected Students

With Bulk Actions, you have the flexibility to apply actions to individual students by hand-picking them. In the given example, only 'Anjalee Demo' will be assigned a group, while other students remain unaffected.

*NEW* Add Bulk Common App Counselor Functionality

If you are a regular user of cDocs, you will now have the capability to assign Common App counselors to students directly from the student list. To do this, simply follow these steps: select the Bulk Action option> choose "Assign Common App Counselor" and click on Apply.

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