On your Students List, you can find in the upper bar a section called "Bulk Actions". This will appear once you've ticked the box next to the student's name.

Bulk action allows you to do the following for one or many of your students:

  1. Assign Counselor

  2. Assign a Group

  3. Deactivate

  4. Did Not Graduate (ensures your student's aren't included in reports by deactivating the student AND indicating "did not graduate" status)

  5. GDPR Compliance (You can select this on behalf of your students to state that they are GDPR compliant!)

  6. Send Registration Email

  7. Send Registration Email to Student's Guardians

  8. Unassign Counselor

  9. Unassign Group

  10. Reassign Assessments

Once you've selected an option from Bulk Actions, be sure to click "Apply" so that the action can either be done.

Please note that for the Send Registration Email option, as soon as you click "Apply", the registration emails will be sent to the selected students.

Pro tip: To make things easier, you can use our filters to select a population of students rather than selecting your whole students list! You can do this via Graduation Year, Group, etc!

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