New Counselor Experience

What's changed and where to find what you need as a counselor or an admin

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This academic year, transform your students' university exploration-to-application journey into a personalized and impactful experience with powerful new features so they can discover, apply, and succeed with confidence.

We’ll go through each of the changes in detail below.

New visual design & focused navigation panel

A fresh look and feel, but with the same power-packed features. With the all-new navigation panel, your team can zoom in on just the areas they need, without the clutter.

The most used and popular features are kept at your fingertips, including:

  • Dashboard

  • Students

  • Universities (previously 'Schools')

  • cDocs

  • Visits (previously 'College Visits')

Other useful features are tucked away, but still within reach under 'More', including:

  • Broadcast

  • Tasks & Assessments

  • Surveys

  • Events

  • Reports

  • Reports Classic

  • Direct Apply

  • 🆕 Careers

  • 🆕 Discovery Center

Find horizontal tabs to navigate within each feature

Instead of clicking through the left panel to find the pages hidden within each feature like before, horizontal tabs are now available upon entering into a main feature. For example, pictured in the screenshot, horizontal tabs are available for Active, Deactivated, Unconfirmed, and Unassigned students for counselors and admins to switch between.

Speed up your searches with a universal search bar

Regardless of which page you're on, the universal search bar will be there, ready for you at the top of the page. Locate your student, a university, any article or video content, or careers anytime you need. You can enter any keyword to start, expand to see all search results, browse through, and return to exactly where you left off by clicking 'Back'.

Color-contrasted windows to differentiate student viewing

Upon clicking on a student's name, or any of the pages unique to their account, you'll find yourself looking through a brightly colored rectangle, we call this the student window.

The student window serves to distinctly highlight to the counselor that they have now entered a view of the platform that is unique to the student, and no longer at the permission level of a counselor or an admin.

One exception to this rule is the student cDocs file. Marked with an outline on the navigation panel, cDocs, or what is referred to as the student cDocs file, is the only feature that is unique to the student but can only be viewed at the permission level of a counselor or an admin. Students themselves would not be able to access or view this feature.

Apart from that, the left navigation panel and the top bar menu will also differ from what counselors or admins see on their own accounts and are specifically designed for students.

New Student Experience

Here's a rundown of what's included:

  • New visual design & focused navigation

  • My University Roadmap

  • Building university lists with Bookmarks

  • Submitting Applications and updating outcomes

  • Tuition fee payment with Cialfo

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