Finding a student's fit is important in today's school search journey. More than being a reputable school, one has to consider how fit or suitable the school is for the student's needs and wants. Cialfo's Preference Fit allows students and counselors to understand what the student prioritizes in their school search, considering several factors mentioned below.

Cialfo's Preference Fit is made up of several questions that come from the following categories:

  • Academic: questions based on academic preference

  • Location: questions based on the school's location

  • Financial: questions based on budgetary or financial factors

  • People: questions based on the importance of people resources

  • Facilities: questions based on the school's facilities

  • Demographics: questions based on the school's demographics

  • Other: section for the user to provide more context on what is important to them

In using Cialfo Preference Fit, the student will start to consider different factors in their college search that they may not have considered before. After answering the questions, Cialfo will provide recommended universities based on the responses provided by the student.

How to answer the Preference Fit Questionnaire

  1. Go to Profile > Preference Fit.

  2. Answer the needed questions.

  3. The responses will be automatically saved if you're unable to complete the questionnaire in one go.

The questionnaire takes around 5 minutes to complete. Since Preference Fit is found in the Student Profile, students can answer it on their own, or they can do it alongside their counselor.

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