Before sending documents through cDocs to Common App and Parchment colleges and universities, schools will need to upload a number of documents. These documents must be in PDF format. This can be done in two ways: in bulk for a group of students or individually for one student.

Bulk Upload

The bulk upload feature is great for uploading student transcripts in preparation for sending initial, mid year, and final reports. Up to 10 transcripts can be uploaded at a time and each file size can be up to 2,000kb/2mb. In the future, this may increase to 20 documents at once. For the fastest upload, ensure that each document has a file name that includes the student name and file type name (ex: Roger Federer Initial Transcript).  If you would like to upload more than 10 transcripts at a time please refer to this article.

Access the bulk upload by going to cDocs and then locate the blue upload button at the top of the screen. Click on that button and a sidebar will appear prompting you to upload documents. Click on the blue screen, search for the documents, and then upload.

Note: When uploading transcripts, it needs to match to "Initial Transcript", "Mid Year Transcript", and "Final Transcript."

Once documents have been uploaded, select or verify the document type from the drop down menu and select or verify the student each document should be uploaded for. Once each document has been assigned a file type and a student, click Upload All.

Individual Student Uploads

Documents can be uploaded for individual students within cDocs. Go to cDocs - Documents and locate the student you for whom you want to upload a document or transcript. Click on the blue upload button at the top right corner and this will open a sidebar. Once the file is uploaded, identify the type of document similar to the image above for Bulk Uploads. We recommend uploading transcripts as "Initial Transcript"," Transfer Transcript", Mid Year Transcript", or "Final Transcript."

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