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Generating a student resume within Cialfo

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The Resume Builder allows students to generate a resume in multiple formats based on the information provided in their Cialfo Profile. Not only does this make the resume-writing process much easier, students can also customize their resumes based on their tastes and preferences!

Locating Student Resume Builder

On the student homepage, locate profile picture on the top right corner and select Profile and select Create Resume button in the top right corner.

Using the Resume Builder

After clicking into the Resume Builder, you will see a screen that shows you two sections: your information on the left, and a preview of your resume on the right.

The following categories are included in the resume builder:

  1. Contact Information

  2. Skills

  3. Languages

  4. Objective Statement

  5. Extra-curricular Activities

To make edits to the information in the resume builder, click the dropdown button to the right of the category. As you add information into each respective category, the resume builder will update automatically with the information included.

When making changes to your extra-curricular activities, you will be able to add additional information if you wish. To do so, click on the Edit button to the right of the activity, and include more information under Participation Details. We recommend including your role, experience, as well as contributions made in order to make a stronger resume.

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