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UCAS Extra with Cialfo

No offers or decisions yet? Try adding an Extra choice

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Important: The period to add UCAS Extra choices lasts from Feb 28 to Jul 4, 2024.

This service is available for students who:

  1. Have used all five choices in their application,

  2. Are not currently holding any offers, where all submitted applications have either:

    1. Result indicated as Denied

    2. Result indicated as Withdrawn, or

    3. Student Decision indicated as Declined, and

  3. Are not waiting on any decision

Additionally, students can only have ONE extra choice at any point of time. Only after students have withdrawn, or were denied, or have declined their offer, will they be allowed to add an additional extra choice.

Not sure if you're eligible? You'll see this banner on the Applications page if you are.

Each choice is explained below:

Search for Extra courses on UCAS

Selecting this option will bring you to the UCAS Search Tool site.​

Here's what you can do:

  1. Search for courses, subjects, or areas that you might be interested in

  2. Apply Filters for Course Vacancies by selecting 'Show only courses with vacancies'. This will show you the final list of courses that are still available.

  3. Once you find a course you are interested in, you are highly recommended to contact the university to get confirmation on availability.

  4. When you are ready and the university has provided confirmation to you on the course availability, proceed back to your Applications page on Cialfo and proceed with one of the next options below.

Add application

Note: If you have not received confirmation from the university on course availability, please read the previous section here before continuing.

Upon selecting this option, you'll be prompted to select a university of choice, and the course or major you intend to apply to. Ensure that you complete the following steps:

  1. Decide on a university and course/major or choice, then 'Add application'. The application will stay 'In Progress' until you proceed to submit it.

  2. Important: Click on 'Submit Application'

  3. You'll be brought to your application details, with information saved from your previous applications. Read through to confirm or make any changes you need to, then finally, click on 'Submit Application'.

  4. Confirm that your application status now reflects as 'Submitted to Cialfo'.

  5. Sit back, relax, and cross your fingers for good news to come your way!

Request support from Cialfo

With this option, you'll get additional assistance from Cialfo on making an Extra choice. Not to forget, stand a chance to qualify for Cialfo scholarships and the opportunity to benefit from our Value-Added Services for a successful enrolment to higher education.

Commonly Asked Questions

My first 5 applications were completed on UCAS instead of Direct Apply, will I still be able to receive support from Cialfo with my Extra choice?

Yes, the Cialfo team is committed to supporting all students interested in making an Extra choice with us. Simply speak to your school counselor or reach out to us via Chat with Cialfo, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

I have already made the Extra choice on UCAS, will I still be able to benefit from scholarships and value-added services provided by Cialfo?

Absolutely! All you have to do is add the application to your Applying list including course/major information and select the round as 'Extra'. Alternatively, contact us directly by selecting 'Request support from Cialfo'.

For more information, visit the UCAS website here or reach out to us via Chat with Cialfo and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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