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May 2022

Counselor Dashboard - LIVE!

As of the 3rd week of May, the Counselor Dashboard will be LIVE. We mentioned in our April 2022 Product Update that the Counselor Dashboard is currently under beta, and while we’ve been collecting the improvements and making work towards this - we want to share it with you all!

Do on the look out, we'll be adding cards to the Counselor Dashboard in the next 2 months that will improve your Applications and cDocs workflow.

For more information on the Counselor Dashboard, you can see this help article.

[Announcement] Captcha Login Verification:

We always ensure that your information and login are safe with Cialfo. To further improve this, we will be enforcing Captcha verification. For those unfamiliar with CAPTCHA, it is a way for platforms to tell real-life users and bots apart. This is similar to when you log into Google or other websites and you’re asked to identify a few photos within a grid or identify letters and numbers. This will typically appear if a user has inputted a wrong email address upon login or inputted an incorrect password multiple times.

[Coming Soon]: Updates to College Visit:

Upgrades to College Visit is underway, the updates will include the increase in ease of high schools setting their availability to universities and improving the experience and workflow of counselors by remaining on Cialfo instead of moving to another webpage. Stay tuned!

April 2022

[New] Applicants Table (Toefl, IELTS, IB)

For those who have the configuration turned on*, you’ll be familiar with our Applicants Table, wherein counselors use this to determine which applicants were accepted (or not) to different universities set against different measurements like SAT and GPA. We’ve added more columns such as TOEFL, IELTS, and IB to help counselors make more informed decisions when counseling their students and analyzing trends.

* When this configuration is turned on, it will ONLY be viewable by counselors. Students and guardians will not be able to see this information.

Preference Fit

As mentioned in March's Product Update - Preference Fit is now LIVE on the platform.

The Preference fit is a set of questions found in the Student Profile. These questions will not only help your students be more engaged and thoughtful about what they look for in colleges, it will also provide more power to the types of schools Cialfo will suggest to you and your students. This provides a more personalized experience, as well as aiding counselors and students in finding the best fit schools.

For more information, please check our help article on Preference Fit here.

Resume Builder

The updates to Resume Builder is now LIVE on the platform. This was mentioned last month as well, the updates to the Resume Builder will provide students a more customizable and better exportability.

You can find the help article for Resume Builder here.

[Coming Soon] Counselor Dashboard

We’ve recently launched a Student Dashboard for students, but we couldn’t forget our Counselors! We’re in the midst of beta testing with our Counselor Cohort for a dashboard for counselors.

The Counselor Dashboard will allow counselors to manage students’ progress, help organize their daily tasks and updates, and manage their students from a bird's eye view!

At present, the Counselor Dashboard includes the following:

  • Students' last sign-in activity log in the past 3 months (great for tracking student Cialfo usage!)

  • Summary of student’s progress in their School Lists (Longlist, Shortlist, and Applying)

  • Completion of assessments

  • Upcoming college visits

  • Product Updates (in case you miss our counselor newsletter in your inboxes!)

  • Cialfo Community Updates

We have applications information lined up in the pipeline and other improvements, so keep your eyes peeled for its release once it passes the beta testing phase! We aim to ease our users' workflows, and this is just one of the ways we want to help counselors.

[Coming Soon] cDocs 3.0

cDocs is undergoing a redesign to better address counselors' workflows, feedback, and more! We are working with the Counselor Cohort to better address YOUR needs as a counselor and to improve the overall document sending process and application management.

We'll be providing more details in the coming weeks through the Community and via email. Stay tuned!

[Bug Fix] Guardians - Notifications check box

We’ve fixed the check box denoting that guardians can receive notifications check box. Previously, when the check box was ticked, the check mark was not saved, leaving counselors confused as to whether the guardian can receive notifications from Cialfo. We thank you for your patience with this!

[Bug fix]: Assessments table alignment

We acknowledge that our users have various preferences when it comes to how zoomed your browser is, and there are times when a browser is too zoomed in, the alignment of certain information gets misplaced. We have fixed this issue when counselors and students view the assessments page to allow a smoother experience for both.

Join Counselor Cohort: Fall Program 2022!

We recognize Cialfo counselors and administrators have requested many changes to make the Cialfo platform more efficient and effective in supporting the management of college search and application. So, we’ve launched the Counselor Cohort 2022 Fall Program — a group of users from around the world that will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback and impact changes in Cialfo in time for the new academic year. To learn more or sign your school up to participate, please contact our Cohort program manager, Priscilla Lim via the Cialfo Community. The Cohort program launched in March 25th - so let us know if you are interested as soon as possible!

March 2022

[Beta] Connections: Live in April

Cialfo has always been about creating meaningful connections and bringing people closer. Connections is a feature that creates a “connection” between a student, counselor, guardian, and the university, which allows better collaboration between the two communities. It works similar to a university event at a high school, where students are able to create relationships, demonstrate their interest, and exchange information with the university representative.

This feature is currently under a beta, early adopter approach where select high schools are testing this with universities.

Connections can be created through the following actions:

  1. Adding a university to any of your lists (longlist, shortlist, applying)*

  2. Downloading a brochure from a university

  3. Hitting the “Connect button” on a university’s profile page

  4. Applying to a Direct Apply program

  5. Events:

    1. Signing up for a Cialfo or university Event

    2. Attending a Cialfo or university Event

    3. Watching an event recording

    4. Watching an on-demand video

    5. College Visits:

      1. Signing up for a College Visit through Explore

For more information on how Connections works, what sort of information is shared, etc. please see the help article here.

Reports: Hourly Updates!

Previously, the Reports in Cialfo were updated on a daily basis. We understand that this caused some frustration for counselors who needed reports immediately, to analyze trends, present to their board, and work with data in general. We’ve since upgraded the reporting system to update hourly, allowing you to have more recently updated data for your reports, especially as more and more application decisions come in.

[Coming Soon]: Preference Fit

We will be launching a Preference Fit questionnaire to the Student Profile in the next 2 to 3 months, with questions that will help students be more thoughtful about what they are looking for when it comes to college applications. This will cover questions regarding academics, location, majors, the type of university (and environment) they’re looking for, and academic paths.

Here's an excerpt from one of the potential sections!

[Coming Soon]: Resume Builder

The Resume builder is undergoing a revamp! We’ve received some awesome feedback and usage on this feature, so we’ll be taking it a step further in the upcoming months which includes:

  • Export options: currently, the resume is only available under MS Word, but we will be adding PDF and .olx and are looking into integrating with Google docs (fingers crossed!) as well.

  • Updates to the overall resume design

Here’s a sneak peek below!

[Bug Fix] Assessments: Print button

We are aware of how much counselors and students benefit from our Assessments partnership with Human eSources, so we thank you for your patience as we fixed this bug issue. You can now find the Print button once a student has completed the assessment. Previously, it was a small button due to the update with Human eSources. We’ve gone in and fixed it to make it so that the Print action is more viewable:

Student Profile: Updates to the Extracurricular section

We’ve updated the Extracurricular (ECA) section to allow students to input more information for describing their extracurricular activities. We’ve added a character count as well, so for those who are strict with the length, you can tell at a quick glance how much your student has written.

In addition, we’ve also added a “Copy description” button. This was apropos to some great feedback we received from counselors who’d want to use the student’s description as a part of their recommendation letters. The button allows you to quickly copy the text, easing your workflow.

February 2022

Student Dashboard - live in March!

Reminder to everyone - our new student dashboard will be live for all clients in March! The Student dashboard will allow students to see and work with information in a sleeker, more organized way. For more information on the student dashboard, please see our article here.

COMING SOON - QS World University Ranking partnership for School Search

Cialfo has partnered up with QS World University Ranking to strengthen the information found on School Search. The QS rankings can give a good indication of how a university is perceived, and this will just be another data point for you and your students to consider and search for while using Cialfo.

NEW - cDocs Updates:

  • Unsending Functionality: This was mentioned in the Cialfo Community last month, but we’re happy to announce that the Unsending Functionality for Common App documents is now LIVE. If you are able to unsend a document, you will see a “undo” button to the right of the document:

    Do note that based on Common App’s policy, one-and-done documents cannot be unsent if one university has downloaded the document. For more on this functionality, please find the help article here.

  • Bulk assigning of counselor: you asked and we heard! We've added an additional action to our beloved Bulk Actions that will allow you to bulk assign counselors in order to send Common App documents on cDocs! This is particularly helpful for schools that have a huge cohort of students and only 1-2 counselors. This is feedback we’ve heard in the past, so we’re happy to be able to release it to increase the ease of your workflow.

  • [Bug Fix] Teacher recommendations Copy Functionality: We’ve fixed the issue of being able to copy the survey responses students have inputted for recommendation letters.

  • Predicted grades document type (Parchment sending): You can now send the “Predicted Grades” as a document for Parchment receiving colleges and universities.

NEW - Guardian Updates

  • Guardian Registration: We’ve added the ability to keep track of whether a guardian registration email has been sent out. Simply click the “i” button next to the student:

  • Guardians viewing Assessments: For schools that provide Cialfo access to guardians, your guardians now have the option to see their student's Assessment results! This is another piece of feedback we've heard from you all and have taken into consideration to help in providing a more comprehensive experience for your school's guardians.

NEW - Applications: Adding Course or Round

We’ve updated our Applications feature to allow users to add their own course or round if not found on our database. This is especially helpful for counselors who have students applying to smaller schools or have very specific courses. Allowing this feature will allow you to further track these types of information.

January 2022

Student Dashboard - live in March!

We’re excited to announce that the Student Dashboard will be live for ALL clients in March! The Student Dashboard has undergone beta testing with a group of users and will be continuously improved as we go along.

Not to worry, you and your students will still have access to the old Student Dashboard for a few more months - we’ll give you enough time to adjust for the new batch of students! For more information about the Student Dashboard, check our help article here.

NEW - Editable Applications Table

The editable feature of the Applications Table is now LIVE. You will be able to edit the following fields directly from the table rather than having to go into each application:

  • Submitted

  • Round

  • App Result

  • Student Decision

Please note that the Submitted and Round fields will be uneditable if the Common App - Cialfo sync is turned on. It’s the same functionality as in previous application cycles and in the Application itself. The required updates must be made on the student’s Common App itself.

[Beta] Cialfo Likelihood and Application Interest

Our College Fit Indicator is a great way for students and counselors to have a starting point of whether a US college is a target, likely, or reach school. We’ve upgraded this functionality so that it is available for all universities, rather than just US universities!

The beta version will be launched on January 27th with select high schools and the feature will be live for Counselors. Should a counselor want to allow the feature to be visible for their students, they can do so from the Configurations page.

If you’d like to be part of the beta or are interested in getting a sneak peek of the feature, you can check out our help article here.

NEW - Student Transcript Request

We launched the Student Transcript request feature last November to allow counselors and students to manage transcript requests that are sent outside of the Cialfo platform.

This typically applies to transcript requests from your students for internships, summer programs, scholarships, etc., rather than applications. For more information regarding the student transcript request feature, please refer to this help article. If you want to see the feature from the student’s perspective, you can check it out here.

NEW - Bulk Actions: Activating Deactivated Students

The Bulk Actions feature is heavily used by counselors, especially those with large student cohorts! We know that a pain point was being unable to activate deactivated students in bulk, so we’re happy to announce that you can now do just that!

Make your way to the “Deactivated” tab found under “Students” and select the students you want to reactivate, and use Bulk Actions as you normally would.

Q4 2021 Product Updates:

December 2021

November 2021

October 2021

December 2021


Hang in there! With the Applications season almost over, we still have a few updates that’ll help your workflow. Check them out below:

  • Declining Letters of Recommendation: Teachers can now decline letter of recommendation requests from students. This is particularly helpful for teachers who have too many students requesting from them or have received requests past the deadline. You can turn this off (or on!) on your Configurations.

  • [Coming soon!] Unsend Functionality: Soon counselors will be able to unsend documents from Common App applications if it has not been downloaded by the universities. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • Second Common App Optional Report - As mentioned in our November Product Update, counselors will now be able to send a second Optional Report for Common App applications! This is particularly handy if you need to update or correct documents you need to send for your students.

Applications Updates:

  • Round and Submitted Columns: We have added the Rounds and Submitted columns to the Applications table itself to make looking at your student's applications, easier!

  • Editable Applications Table: We have received your feedback and made changes to the Applications table to make it more user-friendly. You will soon be able to edit several fields directly from the applications table, reducing the number of steps needed for users to update the application details. Do note that if your Common App - Cialfo sync is turned on, you won’t be able to edit those details (just like you wouldn’t be able to in the application itself). It’ll need to be updated from the student’s Common App application itself.

    You're now able to edit the Submitted, Round, App. Result and Student Decision columns all with a click of the button (fewer clicks, yay!) rather than going into each application itself.

On-demand University Content for Students:

Cialfo’s On-demand Content Library reveals an incredible insider’s guide, tips, and stories to students and allows them to explore at a time, pace, and place of their choosing.

Cialfo will provide webinars with the latest insights from universities that will be released regularly under Cialfo Events for students to browse. Universities are also inviting their current students to share their experiences and opportunities to make the experience more personalized and contextual for students.

Students can now keep themselves updated with information covering the following topics:

  1. Admissions & Applications Guide
    Information series delving into university applications and opportunities

  2. Academic Programs and Subjects Guide
    Detailed run through on various Academic programs and subjects

  3. Students and Alumni Stories
    A series of student stories and university experiences

November 2021

cDocs: Second Optional Report option:

For the Common App shared documents, we have released the option for counselors to send a second Optional Report! Do recall that this report is still under Common App's one and done policy, so once sent out, it'll be sent out to all of your student's Common App applications. You will be able to prepare the second Optional Report the same way you prepared the first one.

[Looking for Beta users!] Student dashboard:

Student Dashboard is undergoing a revamp and we're looking for beta users to help us test it out:

  • The updated Student Dashboard is exciting! We're looking towards making the Student Dashboard more engaging and student-focused for your students. It'll include reminders for tasks, My Lists management, upcoming events, university suggestions based on students' information and preferences from their profile, and more! These changes will help improve the way students discover universities, events on Cialfo, manage their application journey, and work better with their counselors.

  • To obtain early access and be a part of our beta group, please fill out the form here by December 3, 2021, and one of our Product members will reach out to you.

Submit your UK Applications on Cialfo:

As mentioned in the October Product Update, students can now apply to UK universities on Cialfo through Direct Apply. The same rules apply, your student can only apply up to 5 universities. You can refer to this help article to learn more about what steps you need to take as a counselor. For students, we have a quick self-help resource found here.

Remember, in applying through Direct Apply, students will receive an application fee waiver, free visa service support, and qualify for guaranteed Cialfo scholarships (for select universities)! If you're interested in learning more about UCAS on Direct Apply, please reach out to your Client Experience Manager (CXM) or refer to our FAQ help article here.

University Search - Courses/Majors:

You asked and we heard! Under the new University Search, it's been enhanced to search for courses or majors! See the sneak peek below:


  • The bugs from October have been resolved, however, should you encounter any other sending errors, please refer to this help article or raise it to Chat with Cialfo.

  • Common App One and Done Policy: We've been receiving some questions about Common App’s One-and-done policy, please note that you can find their announcement here. The policy indicates that shared documents like School Report, Counselor Recommendation letter, Mid Year Report and, Optional Report will be sent to all Common App applications of the student.


  • You can now upload GPAs in the Upload section, please refer to this help article regarding the different types of GPAs/grades you can upload.

  • You can now upload guardians that have more than 1 student easily! We’ve upgraded our Users uploader to support this, making your uploading experience smoother and easier.

October 2021

cDocs Troubleshooting

As document sending ramps up for the November 1st deadline, you may encounter some issues while sending your documents, which may occur for various reasons - usually dependent on requirements by the Common App. To help you with this, we have compiled a cDocs troubleshooting article to address some issues you may face before attempting to send the required documents again.

Explore Visits

Universities are still excited to meet with you and your students! This is a great opportunity for your juniors or even seniors who may not be sure where they’d like to apply to yet. Be sure to set up your school’s Explore Visits now.

To set up the Explore Visits feature that will allow universities to arrange visits with your school, refer to this help article.


UK Applications on Direct Apply

Your students can now apply to UK universities through Direct Apply! In doing so, they will receive an application fee waiver, free visa service support, and qualify for guaranteed Cialfo scholarships (for select universities). Watch the below introductory video to learn more about submitting UK applications on Direct Apply.

You can register here to activate UK Applications on Direct Apply for your school.

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