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How to manage your documents and submissions per student on cDocs

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The cDocs Profile Page allows counselors to manage documents and the submission of those documents on an individual student level. This allows for focus and organization for counselors when they manage their overall documents and submissions.

Getting There

To access the student’s cDocs Profile page, you have 2 options. You can click on any student's name on the main cDocs Documents tab or click on any student’s name in the main cDocs Submissions tab.

Managing Data Views in the cDocs Profile Page

To manage data views in the cDocs profile page, you can toggle between the Submission sub-tab and the Documents sub-tab. You can also easily navigate to different tab at the side such as the student's Homepage, Universities, Bookmarks and Applications.

The ‘Search Student’ Feature

This is the new feature we have launched to make switching between students much easier for users like yourself! When clicking on the Search icon located at the top left corner, you will see a window pop up that allows you to search for students within the list-based filters applied in the main cDocs Documents/Submission section. When you click on the student directly, you will be redirected to that student’s cDocs Profile page. You can also click on the next button to navigate to the next student's cDocs profile page.

The cDocs Profile Page

There are 2 main sections of the cDocs Profile page of a student - the Documents and Submissions sub-tabs. Let's get to the details of these sub-tabs!

#1 cDocs - Profile - Documents

The Documents sub-tab of the cDocs profile means you can manage all the documents of an individual student. This includes their Initial, Mid Year, Other, and Final Documents. If you'd like to focus just specifically just on the cDocs Profile - Documents tab, see this help article.

Additionally, you'll see a summary of the Common App Sync status for the student and the list of recommenders, if the student has already requested any Letters of Recommendation (LoR) or if you have added any. You'll also be able to quickly add one there, using the "+ Add" button next to "Recommenders."

NOTE: For those using Common App - Cialfo integration, make sure you input the Common App Counselor first. You'll be able to prepare forms afterwards. You can also do this in Bulk via Bulk Actions.

#1.A Managing Documents on the Documents Checklist

You may now manage documents directly on the documents checklist. The ‘blue’ checkmark indicates that the item has been completed/uploaded.

To prepare a document, click on the page icon to the right of the document name. To upload a document, click the mail arrow icon to the right.

You will see a window pop up. Follow the instructions to make the upload.

#1.B Managing Documents on the Documents List

Once the upload is made, it will show up on the list below. The number of documents in each section is depicted beside the document type. For example, in the screenshot below, there are 4 Initial documents and 5 Mid-Year documents.

You can also make changes to the counselor for the counselor documents and change the type of transcript for the uploaded transcript. To do so, click on the field, and you will be able to see a search bar and dropdown for the changes.

#2 cDocs Profile - Submissions tab

Now that you've prepared your documents for your student let's see how you can send them on the Submissions sub-tab! The formatting is similar to the documents tab, only this time, it's purely focused on submitting documents. All you need to do is click "Send"!

You'll find ALL of the student's applications that needs documents to be submitted for.

Collapse/Expand information

You can collapse and expand the information for application submissions. If you choose to collapse specific information for each application, you will see a list of the schools the student is applying to, as well as Recommender information on the right. To expand individual sections, click on the triangular symbol on the right to the data you want to expand. If you want to expand all information, click on the expand button.

Under Parchment section, expanding an individual item will yield a view such as this and allow you to send documents for that particular school. To send a document, click the ‘Send’ button, or choose ‘Send All’ if the option is available.

If you would like to focus specifically on the cDocs Profile Submissions tab, please go to this help article.

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