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The All-Powerful Cialfo Counselor Experience 2022
The All-Powerful Cialfo Counselor Experience 2022

Save time with a revamped and stellar platform experience this Fall!

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The Cialfo Counselor Experience 2022 for high school counselors and administrators is arriving soon!

With these exciting new features and platform upgrades, you can start to gear up for the new Class of 2023, 2024 (and beyond!). See the below video for a sneak peek!

  • Get complete oversight into your students’ application journey with the Counselor Dashboard. It is configurable and is designed to help you stay organized and attend to your daily tasks quickly.

  • The College Visits experience is now completely integrated into the Cialfo platform so you can start to set your school’s availability and accept visit requests from universities without switching accounts. No more Explore!

  • The updated Resume Builder auto-saves information so you or your students can refresh their resumes over their summer break as and when there are more achievements, activities, or internships to include. We have also introduced a live preview and the resume can be downloaded in .pdf, .docx, and .odt formats – so all the editing and formatting work can be done on the platform in a matter of minutes.

  • A new rankings filter has been introduced to aid the student’s college search process. We have partnered with QS to display QS Rankings for universities on global and country levels. This optional feature can be turned on/off from your Configuration page.

And this is just the beginning! We have a lot more coming on the platform by August 01 so that you can:

  • Save time on document management and submission with improved cDocs navigation and have more time for counseling your students.

  • Improve student engagement on the platform with features like My List – Balancing, Onboarding Questionnaire, and Full Page University Profile – that encourage your students to take a more thoughtful and balanced approach when exploring universities

Bookmark this page to stay updated on more announcements on The Cialfo Counselor Experience 2022!

Click here to join! [EDIT: Sign-ups are now closed for the Counselor Cohort 2022]

*Open for Pro Schools and Counselors

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