Cialfo offers a diverse range of data for users searching for colleges and universities. To increase the quality of our database, we have now also partnered with QS World University Ranking. To begin researching different colleges and universities, go to the "Schools" tab present on the right-hand side menu.

Once you click on the "Schools" tab > Undergraduate option you will be able to see different university names and a list of columns showing various details. These details include Portals, Scholarships, Application deadlines, Courses & majors, Acceptance rates, and so on. Here, the interesting part is you can apply various filters as per your requirement. Please take a glimpse of how we can filter the universities as per your requirements:

We have a variety of filters available. The 2 most frequently used search filters are Entrance Requirements and Regions.

Pro tip: Click on the Direct Apply button to easily browse the full list of universities that accept Direct Apply admissions. To know more about Direct Apply, click here!

Setting Columns

You can customize the list of columns displayed in the Schools tab to your preference - you may select or deselect any of the columns based on your preference and drag them according to how you'd like to see the information

Note: If you'd like to use the previous version of Search, you may select the "Undergraduate Classic" option.

College Tags

On the Cialfo platform, we allow counselors to create distinctive college tags for their students. Creating tags will ease the task of searching for a precise college according to the student's requirements which will benefit them in their search for the right school.

Counselors can archive the college tag if they do not want a particular tag to appear in the College Tags list. In order to archive, you can click on the tag name and click on the "Archive" Option.

You can see all the Archived Tags by enabling the "Show Archived" toggle key.

Helpful Tips when searching for colleges and universities

There is a variety of Search (Filter) for schools. The most common ones are:

  1. Avg SAT

  2. Avg ACT

  3. Courses & Majors

  4. IB Requirement (UK)

  5. Avg Financial Aid

(1) & (2), the Avg SAT and Avg ACT filter (only works for US schools) allows you to search for schools that accepted students with average SAT/ACT scores within your indicated search parameter. You can either indicate a minimum score to find schools that accept students on average above a certain score and/or indicate a maximum score to find schools that accept students on average below a certain score.

(3) the Courses & Majors filter allows you to search for colleges that feature the Courses & Majors of your interest. After selecting the filter, type into the search box for the Courses & Majors of your interest. You can either click on the search term you’ve typed to search for all Courses & Majors that match the search term or select one or more of the options found.

(4) the IB Requirement (UK) filter (only works for UK schools) allows you to search for schools that have IB Requirements within your indicated search parameter. You can either indicate a minimum score to find schools that accept students above a certain score and/or indicate a max score to find schools that accept students below a certain score.


What is Rankings?

Rankings was designed to help students discover and research universities easily with an additional rankings filter, so that they are able to filter down on the universities based on their preferences and requirements efficiently.

This is an optional feature and is ON by default for our customers in India and China. For customers in other regions it is OFF by default.

If you would would like to make rankings visible for your students, you may get in touch with your Client Experience Manager and we would be more than happy to assist you with this!

How do I enable QS Rankings?

To enable QS Rankings, click on the Profile Picture (top-right) > Configurations > Can view QS Rankings (On).

You will now be able to access QS rankings under School Search!

How do I access QS Rankings?

You can access Schools Search > More Filters

You will then see a pop-up with the option to filter for 'QS Ranking'.

Once enabled, you will see that schools will be filtered with QS Ranking on the top!

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