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Review these FAQs on sending final transcripts and generating reports in Cialfo

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The end of the school year is approaching, and counselors need to send final transcripts and start generating reports for their School Board and administrators. These are responses to the most common Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I send Final Transcripts in Cialfo?
Sending final transcripts will, in some ways, be similar to how documents were sent earlier in the school year. First, upload student's final transcripts in cDocs. Second, for students who will be attending a Common Application school, prepare the Common App final report. Finally, find the student in cDocs, open their sidebar and go to Submissions. Locate the college where you want to send the final transcript and send.

I have a student who will be participating in an NCAA sport at college in the US. Can I send a transcript to the NCAA through Cialfo?
Yes, you can send a transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center through Cialfo. First, search for NCAA Eligibility Center in Schools and add it to the student's applying list. Then in cDocs, find the student and open their sidebar. You will find the NCAA Eligibility Center under Parchment documents. You only need to send the final transcript.

Will Cialfo allow me to store/keep supporting application documents from this current graduation class beyond this year?
Yes, all teacher letters, counselor letters, and transcripts will stay in Cialfo. However, all Common App forms will not remain in the system after August 1.

Is there a way I can download all of the documents for each student?
Cialfo makes it incredibly easy to download all supporting documents, including letters of recommendation and transcripts for students. Go to cDocs→Select A Student→Press the Download Bundle. This action will create a digital file (PDF) of all the documents listed in the student's Documents section in cDocs.

I need to create reports for my School Board on this year's applications. How do I do that?
You have two ways to create reports in Cialfo. First, we offer a preset Reports section you can access on the left menu. Second, you can go to the Student List page for more dynamic and customizable reports and use the Filters and Columns to refine the information you need. Then click on the Report button at the top of the screen and this will be emailed to you. Here are two Help articles with more information: How To Use Reports and Use the Student List & Creating Reports

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