Have a former student from your school who graduated and took a Gap year, completed military service, etc.? You can still support them and send documents to colleges and universities in Cialfo's cDocs.

Step #1 Locate the student

Find the student, and ensure they are active. If not, activate them. Activate students by going to your student list, choose Deactivated and search for the student.

Next to the student's name, click on the "i" and scroll to the bottom. There you will find a link to activate.

Step #2 Change the student's Application Year

Go into the student's profile, and ensure the application year is updated to the current application year. So for a student who wants to enter college in September 2020, the application year will be 2019.. Make this change in the student's profile under Application.

Step #3 Prepare, upload, and send documents 

Finally, the student is now ready, Prepare, upload, and send documents the same way you would for any other students. A couple of reminders first though:

  1. When assisting the student in linking Cialfo and Common App, ensure the student has not invited any recommenders directly through Cialfo. Cialfo is not currently integrated with the Common App Transfer Application, only the Common App Freshman Application.
  2. Be sure to change the cDocs student list page to search for the student in the correct Class/Graduation Year.
  3. For students who have graduated, counselors will only need to upload one transcript as the initial transcript as long as the transcripts shows all of the students courses and grades in high school and that the student has graduated. There is no need to create and send Mid Year or Final Reports as the Initial Transcript and School Report will provide all of the information about the student's high/secondary school academic information.

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