Can I send documents for a transfer student?

Sending documents for transfer students via cDocs

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For transfer students, the counselors can send documents via cDocs only for universities that accept Parchment as a delivery method. For universities that only accept Common App, the students should invite recommenders directly through Common App.

However, it is important to note that counselors should provide an alternate email for transfer students, as sending an invite to the same email used for Cialfo will result in an error. Unfortunately, Common App currently does not support transfer students in their integrations with partners like Cialfo, but we would like to support sending transfer students' documents in the future.

If the university supports Parchment, and the counselor needs to send documents for a transfer student, the counselor can help to add the university to the student's Applying list from the Bookmarks.

If Parchment is not the default option for that university, the counselor can change the delivery method to Parchment from the student's cDocs Submission page.

Then the university will be moved to the Parchment section, and the counselor can now send documents for the transfer student to that university by clicking on the Send button of the required document.

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