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Why can't my students link their Common App accounts
Why can't my students link their Common App accounts

Common App account linking for student

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Some students may have trouble finding the "Link Account" button when they are trying to link Cialfo with their Common App account. Here are a few reasons why and how you can check to help the student:

1) Student Graduation Year should be 2023 or 2024
Check this in the Personal Information section of the student's Profile page. The counselor may update this section on behalf of the student.

2) Student Application Year should be 2023 only
Check this in the Application Details section of the student's Profile page. The application year should only be 2023 so that it reflects that student is in the current application cycle.

3) Student needs to have 'Enable Sending' clicked for their account

If a student has linked a Common App account before August 2023, the counselor will need to click 'Enable Sending' for them on their cDocs page to confirm that they are rolling over to the current application cycle. However, do take note that once "Enable Sending" is clicked, the following will happen:

  1. All previously created Common App forms will be deleted

  2. Previously sent document statuses will be reset

  3. New Common App forms can be prepared for the student

  4. The student will have to re-link his or her Cialfo and Common App account

  5. Document sending ability will now be enabled.

  6. Previously uploaded documents will remain.

Note: All the above actions are to ensure that the student is treated as one from the current application cycle. If you need to keep track of previously created CA forms and sent statuses, download the documents and record the status internally.

Sending Status: Enabled/Restricted

One quick way for counselors to see whether students have their Sending status enabled or restricted is to go to cDocs > Documents/Submission page, and toggle on the column for "Sending". You'll be able to view the Sending status at a glance for the needed students.

If all of the above has been checked and updated, students should be able to find the "Link Account" button on their Recommendation page. For more information on the process of linking Common App accounts, please refer to this article.

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