Why should I enable sending?

What does 'Enable Sending' mean? How do I handle students from previous and current application cycles?

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The "Enable Sending" functionality differentiates students who may be a part of previous application cycles. This classification allows Cialfo and counselors to preserve historical data - letting counselors see the different actions that have been done for students in the previous application cycles. This will also ensure that your current students' applications will not be affected.

Students will be classified into - Sending Enabled or Sending Restricted.

Sending Restricted Students:

Students that belong to sending Restricted and have the orange banner (seen above) are typically students who come from a previous graduation year OR students who have:

  1. Had Common App forms prepared for them in the previous application cycle.

  2. Had documents sent for them in the previous application cycle.

  3. Linked their Common App and Cialfo accounts in the previous application cycle.

Sending Enabled Students:

These are students that need no additional action and you can proceed to prepare and send documents as per normal. These are students that are part of the current application cycle (typically your current senior class) and have not met any of the conditions mentioned above in the Sending Restricted Students portion.

How to check which students need to have sending enabled

  • Go to cDocs > either All Documents or Submissions Tab

  • Scroll to the right and you'll be able to see the "Sending" column

  • You will then see a list of "Restricted". These are the kids that you may need to enable sending for if they will be applying in the current application cycle

*If you are unable to see the "Sending" column, click on the button next to "Export" and toggle on the option for Sending.

How to enable sending for students

After you've identified which students need to have documents sent and prepared for this year, you can follow the following steps:

  • Select the student

  • Click "Enable Sending"

  • Start preparing and uploading documents

  • Send documents!

What happens when sending enabled is done for a student?

Once sending has been enabled for the student the following will happen:

  1. All previously created Common App forms will be deleted

  2. Previously sent document statuses will be reset

  3. New Common App forms can be prepared for the student

  4. The student will have to re-link their Cialfo and Common App accounts

  5. Document sending ability will now be enabled.

  6. Previously uploaded documents will remain.

Note: All the above actions are to ensure that the student is treated as one from the current application cycle. If you need to keep track of previously created CA forms and sent statutes, download the documents and record the status internally.

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