Introducing Cialfo to Students and Guardians

To-Do List, estimated timelines etc to prepare you to roll out Cialfo to your students and guardians. Your pre-launch checklist!

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It's exciting to launch a new tool with your community! Here is a plan to help counselors launch with students and guardian.

2 - 4 weeks pre-launch

  • Announce the arrival of Cialfo! Many counselors choose to do this early in 11th grade. The right time depends on your school's needs and calendar; give them a heads up maybe a month before students start that journey with you. Check out the rest of our Community Launch Resources for ideas.

  • Work with your Client Experience Manager to ensure a complete Data Migration. How long this process takes depends on the data you would like imported into Cialfo, and whether we already have processes set up for your particular data source. We have experience working with data from Naviance, SIS systems, and Excel spreadsheets - so we will always find a way to work with what you have.

1 week pre-launch

Once your student data is in the platform, you'll want to set up your account so students can hit the ground running. Here is a pre-launch checklist that ensures your students have a smooth first encounter with Cialfo. You can do the items yourself, or alongside our support staff via video conference!

  1. Assign at least one counselor to each student

  2. Add some Application Regions / Countries of interest to students who will actively use School Search (important for launching to Grades 11-12)

  3. Make Assessments available to students through Resources (important for launching to Grades 9-10, if you're going to show Personality / Career Assessments)

  4. Go to Account > Configure to set up the relevant student permissions and school settings.

  5. Practice logging in as a student and accessing the Student Profile, School Search, and Assessments from their point of view.

  6. Send registration emails to the students.

Consult Our Templates

We've created templates you can download and adapt for your school's audience.

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