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Add or remove your student's test scores
Add or remove your student's test scores

View and edit a student's test scores

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To update a student's score individually, type in the student's name whose scores you want to add or edit. Click on the "Profile" option and scroll down until you arrive at the "Tests" section.

Here, you can add and edit any test scores and dates for your students individually. If you would like your students to update this section themselves, you may enable this function under Account > Configuration > Students Connectivity section and turn the Permission On for 'Can Edit Test Scores'.

Adding a New Test Score

To add a new test score, click on the '+ Add' button and a sidebar will open.

First, select the type of test score and then select the test date. Fill in your student's test scores in the fields given and once you're done, click on 'Save'.

To edit or remove your student's test scores, simply select "Edit Information" and the sidebar will reopen you may edit it or click on the 'Delete' button at the bottom left of the sidebar.

If you need to add test scores in bulk, click here on how to upload the scores using our Bulk Uploader.

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