Read more about GPA options supported in Cialfo here before proceeding

Want to know how to upload your student grades or GPA in bulk? Look no further!

Why is having Grades / GPA data useful?

GPA is essential for plotting Scattergram points

Without any GPA values, the student's applications will not show up on any scattergram even if they have a confirmed application result and an SAT or ACT score.

(Bonus!) Using GPA (My School) column when researching Schools

Analyse how a student's current GPA fares among those of past successful applicants to each school by enabling the GPA (My School) column under Schools.

Video Walk-Through

0:00 - 1:20 - Introduction + Quick Tip

1:20 - 2:10 - Navigate to find the GPA uploaders

2:10 - 5:50 - Prepare your data file

5:50 - 7:50 - Upload your data file

7:50 - 10:40 - Troubleshooting errors

Prerequisite: Determine which GPA option you will use

You can choose among 3 options to upload GPAs into (from left to right):
GPA (4.0) - Unweighted GPA values on a 4.0 scale
Weighted GPA (5.0) - Weighted GPA values on a 5.0 scale
School GPA - any GPA values on a unrestricted scale, up to 3 decimal points

Step 1 - Navigate to find the GPA uploaders

Go to Account > Upload, and choose Use Previous Version from the top right corner.
From the drop-down list, scroll down to the General section and
- select General - GPA (4.0 UW and 5.0W) for GPA (4.0) and Weighted GPA (5.0)
- select General - GPA (any scale) for School GPA and Weighted GPA (5.0)

Step 2a - Prepare your data file

Depending on the uploader type you have chosen, download the template available from the link provided in the orange instructions box.

Step 2b - Prepare your data file

This is what you will use to tell the system which GPA value to allocate to which student. Make sure that this student already has this information stored in their Cialfo student profile.

b. Input the student identifier details and the GPA values you want to upload

c. Save the file in .XLS format as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook

Step 3 - Upload your data file

a. Browse & Select to upload your file, or Drag & Drop it into the upload box

b. Check how many errors in your file has been detected by the uploader

c. (Optional) Select 'View Report' to review your data

Check to double confirm that these are all the data you wish to upload onto your account. The 'errors' column on the right will also show you exactly which row of data contains errors and will indicate what is the error found.

d. Click 'Save' to confirm your upload

If you do not click 'Save', nothing will be uploaded. When you do, all data without errors will be uploaded. For any row of data that contains errors, they will be skipped by the uploader. The progress of the upload will also be shown.

Step 4 - Troubleshooting errors

blocking - user_does_not_exist

The system cannot find a user with the same student identifier you have used.

> Check that this student has this information in their Cialfo student profile

blocking - unweighted_gpa - not_valid_score

You are trying to upload a GPA value outside of the acceptable range.

> The GPA value needs to be within 1.0 to 4.0, maximum to 2 decimal places

blocking - weighted_gpa - not_valid_score

You are trying to upload a GPA value outside of the acceptable range.

> The GPA value needs to be within 1.0 to 5.0, maximum to 2 decimal places

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