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Register your student's contacts as Guardians
Register your student's contacts as Guardians

Store parent, guardian, or other contact information for a student

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Under a student's Profile, you will be able to save an unlimited number of Contacts for each student. Do note that every addition of a new Contact Details will then create a Guardian Account for that contact saved. To create a Guardian account, Go to students Profile, scroll down to Contacts then click on "+Add", fill in the parent details and hit save.

However, they will not be able to immediately be granted access to a guardian account until a Registration Email is made. Counselor may either use Bulk Actions or individually send the Guardian Registration Email. Until a Contact receives a Registration Email, they will not be able to access their Guardian Account.

You may also choose to decide if these contacts will receive notifications about the student's progress, by email or SMS, and it will contact details on Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Inbox (chat with counselors) and more.

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