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Notifications Guardians Receive from Cialfo
Notifications Guardians Receive from Cialfo

How to manage notifications guardians receive from Cialfo

Updated over a week ago

Guardians are regularly notified from the Cialfo platform, however, preferences for this can be determined from the 'Settings' section within a student's profile. Please ask your students to update their settings and notification preferences upon activating their account.

Note: Changing the type of notifications that guardians receive is only accessible from your student's account. In the future, Cialfo plans to make this configurable from the counselor admin account.

Guardians have the option to be updated by either SMS or Email for these four activities:

  1. When a Meeting is scheduled.

  2. When a Meeting has been completed.

  3. When a Task is overdue.

  4. A summary of the Inbox messages at the end of the day that the conversation has taken place.

Counselors will also be able to send messages to Guardians by SMS and Email through the Broadcast feature.

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