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Review these other common FAQs that come at the end of the year.

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When the end of the school year approaching, there are a number of things a counselor may want to do to close out the year and even begin preparing for the next school year. We've identified the top Frequently Asked Questions.

We have students in grades 9-11 (not graduating) who are leaving at the end of the school year, what should we do with their Cialfo Accounts?
In Cialfo, students who leave your school should be deactivated. This can be done one by one or in bulk. Check out this article for more information: Deactivating or Reactivation Students.

For departing students in grades 9-11, we do not want their data to be included in Reports. What should we do?
For data reporting (class profiles, etc.), some schools do not want departing students to be included in any type of data reporting. For each case, the counselor needs to tick Did Not Graduate in the student’s profile prior to deactivating.

Given the last few months and a changing world due to COVID19, should I still set up my Explore account?
As eternal optimists, we hope everyone is back on campus, and your school can host university representatives in the fall! Be sure to advertise to colleges through your email signature, school website, and summer away email message on how they can schedule a visit. To help with the management of these visits and make your life a little easier, go ahead and set up your Explore account with these two great help articles. Keep in mind, you can include links to any web based meetings in the "location" section of a visit.

How do I update our GPAs in Cialfo?
GPA's can be uploaded directly into Cialfo by using our uploaders. Go to Account - Upload - Use the old uploaders, and select General - GPA scale. Keep in mind that each student needs an identifier so that their GPA is directly linked to their account (ex: email address).

Will Cialfo automatically promote students to the next grade level?
No, Cialfo will not do this. We believe counselors should have the power to make the decision when it is best to promote students to the next grade level. When you are ready to do this, go to Account - Configure and scroll down to Set Current Grades. If a school has integration with their SIS, they will not need to do this. It will happen automatically. Read more here: How to use Account Configure.

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