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Review these FAQs on preparing for document sending next school year.

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Despite the end of the school year approaching, counselors are already thinking in the next document sending season. We've identified the top Frequently Asked Questions.

We have many students who have not been at our school for all of high school. Can we upload their transcript from previous high schools in Cialfo?
Yes! Uploading transcripts can be completed in bulk or by individual students. If you want to do it one by one, then select cDoc->Select Student (make sure you have chosen the correct Class year) - Upload Documents. You can drag and drop the document and select Transfer Transcript, then upload.

If you would like to bulk upload transcripts then check out this Help Article: Bulk Uploading Transcripts

Many of our current 11th-grade students are creating their Common App accounts. What should we know?
- Do not allow students to link their Common App to Cialfo prior to August 10! This process is done after the new application cycle system is updated. Linking should only take place during the current application cycle, not future ones.

A most important step for students to complete when filling out their Common App account is to make sure they have entered your school’s correct CEEB code in the Common App Education section. When a student begins to enter their Education details, we recommend the student finding and linking their school by your school’s CEEB number. This will greatly improve the linking process between Common App and Cialfo.

Can students begin requesting recommendations now?
Yes! In Account Configure, scroll down to cDocs Preferences, and you can choose to turn on the ability for students to request recommendations. Here are student directions on how they can request recommendations.

Can students answer questions or submit some form of reflection to teachers from whom they’ve requested recommendations?
They sure can! Again in Account - Configure - cDocs Preferences, you’ll find a section to add questions. Students can then answer these questions to provide teachers with additional information that is useful when writing letters of recommendation. Students can also upload a file or Google doc to share with teachers.

Teacher Directions: Teacher Recommendations

Some teachers are leaving at the end of the school year, can they upload their letters of recommendation?
No problem! In fact, either the teacher can directly upload their letters of recommendation or the counselors can do it for them. Just make sure they are uploaded as a PDF.

Will I always be able to send documents through cDocs?
The majority of the year, cDocs is always available. However, as we prepare for the 2020/21 application cycle, cDocs will be unavailable for sending documents from July 25 to August 10. It's possible that the window may be smaller. If it changes, we will let you know.

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