Different schools have various ways of handling Letters of Recommendation. Some have the teacher upload the letter themselves, while others like to have the counselor upload all recommendations on behalf of the teachers.

This is article will guide you on how you can upload recommendations on behalf of  the recommender and what processes you may need to do this. 

Before Uploading Letters - Setting Up:

To ensure the name of the recommender can be selected as the author of the document, they need to be on Cialfo! You can add them through these quick steps:

  1. Go to Account, select the Upload tab and select "General - Create Users - Staff". You can download the Excel template needed by clicking on the button highlighted in red below.

 2. Fill out the document - making sure to fill out all the required fields in the file.

Note: The roles and prefix must be lowercase. Mobile number is required - kindly start with "+country code".

 3. Drop the file back into the blue upload section. Click Save if there are no errors and your teachers will be up on Cialfo system without receiving registration emails!

Once your recommenders are on Cialfo, you can now upload recommendations on their behalf and have their names tagged on the letters they've created for your students!

As mentioned in this article, you can upload documents in 2 ways - by bulk (maximum of 10 documents) or per student. 

Bulk Upload

  1. Select the Upload Button

  2.  A sidebar will appear to your right, you can drop up to 10 PDF files into the blue box. Notice that you can select the Author in the drop down. The author will appear if you've already added them to your school's Cialfo account. 

Pro Tip: if you name your document as "Student First Name Student Last Name - Document type - Author" i.e. Stanley Chia - Letter of Recommendation - Cath Huang, our system will recognize the student name, document type and author, and will auto assign it. 

  3. Once you've assigned or checked if all the information is correct, you can click "Upload All" and the documents will be uploaded to the appropriate student with the correct document type and author.

Individual Student Letter Upload

  1. Select the student and a sidebar will appear to your right. Click Upload documents.

  2. Drop the files into the blue box and click Upload once ready to upload the documents for this student.

  3. You'll find the letters you've uploaded under the Teacher Documents section

And you're done! You've successfully uploaded letters of recommendation on behalf of others. If you're submitting letters via Common App, don't forget to create a Common App Teacher Evaluation on the recommender's behalf as well. :) 

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