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Methods to upload documents for sending
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Here are various way counselors can quickly upload multiple documents for students.

1) Bulk Upload via student's cDocs page

Head to the student's cDocs page and click on the "Upload" button located at the right side:

Once clicked, a side menu will appear and you can click on the blue box to choose the files to upload or you can simply drop the files in as well. After uploading, choose the type of documents (such as Initial Transcript, Optional Transcript or Mid-year transcript etc.) and click Upload. As a reminder, all documents being uploaded for cDocs must be in PDF format.

*Take note only up to 10 files can be uploaded through this method.

2) cDocs Bulk Uploader

The cDocs bulk uploader is for mass uploading documents and for larger schools or schools that want to upload more than 10 documents at a time on cDocs. You will be able to choose how Cialfo matches the documents to the needed students based on the preferences you set.

Please refer to this article on how to use the cDocs Bulk Uploader in detail.

3) Document Splitter

The Document Splitter is another method for splitting transcripts first and then bulk uploading them. It allows you to upload a single PDF file containing all your students' transcripts, split them, and assign them to the appropriate student in cDocs.

The workflow of the Document Splitter is very similar to the Bulk Uploader with one major difference - the Configuration, such as setting the Document Type, Name Order, Graduation year, Date of Birth format etc.

For more information on how to use Document Splitter, do refer to this article.

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