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How to create surveys for students and guardians! ✨Pro Users Only ✨

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For Pro Users Only

You will be able to create and send multiple surveys, collect and download responses from both students and guardians directly on Cialfo.

To begin, go to More, click on Surveys and then click on the Create Survey button. It will open a new page where you can begin building the survey.

First, give your survey a title and description of what it entails. Once you have done so, you may add your first question and select the type of question you would like it to be. To add another question, click on the '+ Add Question' at the bottom of the page.

Choosing Recipients

Once you're done drafting the questions, it is time to choose your intended recipients - click on the Recipients tab. The filters will allow you to quickly assign the survey to a range of students to your preference.

For example, you would like the Class of 2023 to answer a few questions about their goals for the upcoming year, select the Graduation Year filter and you will be prompted to select the graduation range year. In this case, select the range from 2023 to 2023.

By default, all surveys are set to be sent to Students only however, you may also choose to send survey questions to their guardians only or to both students and their guardians. Do note that if you are sending it to guardians, they must already have a Cialfo account.

If you want to send the survey to recipients that are not part of a preset filter or group, you can click the "Add Recipient" option and add the recipient by email.

Please remember to save a draft or publish the survey before you use the preview option. Your work will be lost if you don't save first!

Sending the Survey

After recipients are selected, click 'Publish' to send the survey. Upon clicking Publish, the survey creator will be prompted to set the Start Date & Due Date for a given survey. Select the required dates and click 'Publish.'

The Start Date is the first date that a published survey will appear in a recipient's survey list page. The Due Date is the final date a recipient has to submit a survey. After the Due Date passes, the survey is closed and removed from the recipient's survey list page.

Currently, publishing a survey does not trigger any notification to the recipients. We recommend counselors sending out a broadcast message notifying the recipients to complete the survey.

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