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With the new user interface of Cialfo, students are equipped with a diverse set of tools aimed at assisting them in their college and career planning endeavors. To tailor the student experience and manage their access to these tools, counselor can easily navigate to the "Configuration" page. Within this page, counselor's are empowered to customize the level of engagement and select specific tools that students can leverage to support their journey.

To access your accounts on cialfo, students, teachers, guardians, and counselor's will utilize the same unique URL assigned to their respective school.

Navigating the Menu

The menu to the left are the main tabs a student will use to navigate to their Home page, search for the universities , Adding the university their as applying, longlist and shortlist and to add an applications for. particular university. The main tab includes Home, University, Bookmarks and Applications.


Located at the top of the page, you will find a convenient search bar that allows you to search for students, universities, content, and careers. Just below the search bar, you will see two cards displayed.

The first card features the student's name and a progress bar indicating their profile strength. By clicking on "Complete Profile," counselors can access the student's Profile page to make any necessary updates and ensure the profile is comprehensive. Additionally, this card provides a count of the number of universities in the Applying, Shortlist, Longlist, and Applied categories. It serves as a quick overview of the student's application status and progress.

The second card is labeled as "My University Roadmap". Clicking on the "view" option on the My University Roadmap card reveals three categories: Profile, Discover, and Apply. This feature supports students throughout their entire journey on the platform, providing clear guidance and eliminating uncertainties.

Universities - To search for colleges and universities as well as manage their Long, Short and Applying list. To improve the search process for universities, we have super search feature on the university search page. All you need to do is, draft a sentence explaining your university requirements, and click on "Search." This will automatically apply the requirement filter on the page and provide you with a list of universities that meet your criteria. By clicking on "Reset" button you can clear the search and the applied filters.

Once student selected their university of choice, they can click on "Add to list" and choose "Applying" in order for them to choose their preferred major in the drop down list. This will be added to their Application.

For schools with Direct Apply option - Please read this article.

Bookmark - Bookmarks provide students with a dedicated space to arrange their longlist, shortlist, and applying list, enabling them to engage in valuable discussions with their parents and counselors while embarking on application planning, fostering a stronger sense of assurance. You can directly add universities to the list with "+ Add" option.

Applications - Student can see more specific information of each application like deadline, application round, and application decisions. Once you select the Common App portal to add a university application, a "Link Common App" option will promptly appear, allowing you to connect your Common App account with Cialfo. Additionally, you can utilize the "Request LOR" option located in the top right corner of the page to request a letter of recommendation.

Notes and To Dos

On the top right hand corner, student can access to their "Notes and Inbox" and "To Dos" list.

Student can view the notes shared by the counselors or students can use this feature to take their own notes and consider sharing their notes with counselors and guardians.

In this tab, students will be able to view and complete all the tasks and essays assigned by the counselor. By utilizing the task tab, students can easily organize and keep track of their to-do lists, deadlines, and other essential educational activities. Furthermore, students have the flexibility to create their own tasks within the platform if needed. This functionality allows them to incorporate personalized tasks and objectives into their academic planning, providing a seamless integration of both counselor-assigned tasks and their self-created goals.

Here, Student can request the counselors to assign them the assessments. All our current assessments come from Human eSources, the same maker of AchieveWorks (assessments used by Naviance). When counselors assign assessments to students, these will be readily visible in the "Assessment" tab for easy access and completion.

Once college visits have been scheduled, students can access the calendar of visits and choose to attend the visits.


Student can schedule a meeting with a counselor or teacher, Go to "Meetings" option from the right navigation menu, this will direct you to "Meeting " page. Click on "Schedule Meeting" in the top right hand corner. "Schedule Meeting" option is only visible if the counselor is assigned to the student.


Student can answer the survey that the counselor has assigned to them.

On the top right hand corner, student can access to other navigations.

Profile - The Profile is likely the most comprehensive section containing 8 different sections. Upon selecting "Your Profile", the following sections will be seen for your students to fill out and go through.

  • Personal - Students can edit their profile (timezone, date of birth, phone number, and address).

  • Application - This is the settings page identifying a student's post-secondary interests. They can indicate the application regions they are interested in, Application Year, Enrollment Year, and majors they are considering.

  • Contacts - This section indicates the guardians associate with this student.

  • Grades - A student's GPA can be found in the grades page. Additionally, if a school does not calculate GPA, a student can enter their high school academic record here and an estimated GPA will be calculated enabling a student to use scattergrams.

  • Tests - A record of the student's test score results can be found on this page. They can also access links that will take them to external websites to register for standardized tests.

  • Extracurricular Activities - Students can enter their extracurricular activities. Notice that the formatting is closely aligned to that of the Common App activities section. Having extracurricular activities will help popular the student resume and the likelihood indicator.

My Settings - Students have the ability to adjust their own settings like their password and notifications for tasks, meetings, etc.

Help Center - Students have access to the same Help Center as counselors, though most articles are more suited for counselors.

Chat with Cialfo - Like counselors, students can Chat with the Cialfo Customer Success team for Cialfo support.

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