Notes can be found under a student's individual account.

What You Can Do

  1. Control Privacy - Notes are by default private. Notes created by counselors are automatically viewable to the creator and any staff who are assigned to that student. Notes created by students are automatically viewable only from the student side.

  2. Share with Others - Clicking "View" under the student section makes a counselor's note viewable from the student side of the Cialfo platform; similarly, clicking "View" under the counselor section makes a student's note viewable to other counselors. Clicking "Email Note" allows counselors to send the note's title, contents, and attachments as an email to the student's guardians or anyone at all.

  3. Search - Our search feature hunts through all the titles, content, and attachments in your notes.

  4. Filter - Choose to view all your notes or only those with attachments, that have been sent as emails, or that have been archived.

  5. Archive and Unarchive - Declutter this section by archiving some notes when they're no longer relevant. View the contents of these notes at any time by selecting the Archived filter.

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