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All our current assessments come from Human eSources, the same maker of AchieveWorks (assessments used by Naviance).

Your students would have access to these 3 assessments. The below handbooks will help counselors understand and interpret the assessments.

For the Chinese version of the handbooks please find them here.

Check out this video for a quick summary:

Video Introductions

Here are some videos that provide a brief overview of each assessment and it's purpose:

General introduction to the assessments

AchieveWorks Personality

AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity

AchieveWorks Intelligences


For a written overview of the assessments, you may view below brochures to have clear understanding on what each assessment and the age ranges/grade levels that the assessments are designed for.

AchieveWorks Personality -

AchieveWorks Intelligences -

Assigning the assessments

To assign assessments to your students, go to 'Tasks & Assessments' on the left-hand menu. Click on the Assessment that you would like to assign and a sidebar would appear. You can assign the assessments to students by grade or by group.

Select the required option and click 'Publish'. If you need to assign it to multiple grades, you can select 'All' or one grade at a time and click 'Publish'. Eg. Select Grade 9 then publish. Then select grade 10 and click publish. It will then be auto-assigned to any student that matches the selected criteria.

Students will find these assessments in their 'Tasks & Assessments' tab on Cialfo. Counselors will have access to the reports once the student has completed the assessment.

Student view:

Re-assigning assessments for retaking

You can have a student retake an assessment only if the student has already completed the assessment before. Once you've selected "Reassign", an option for "Retake" will show in the student's profile. See the gif below for a visual:

You also have the ability to re-assign students by bulk through Bulk Actions.


If after a student clicks 'Open' and is not redirected to the assessments page or they receive an error mentioning that you do not have the valid credentials, please ask the student to open the assessment in another browser. For example, the student is currently using Google chrome try using Safari or Internet Explorer and vice versa. Sometimes there are plug-ins on a browser that stop the assessment from opening. We also have a Help Article specifically for Assessments troubleshooting.

Viewing the student's Assessment report

Once the student has completed an assessment, the report will be accessible in the individual student's assessment tab. Counselor can click on "View Report" to access the completed assessment.

You will also be able to view a list of students that have (a) been assigned the assessment, and (b) have taken the assessment by clicking on the Assessment title.

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