Your counselor may have assigned you some fun personality tests to take on Cialfo! They are useful for learning about your strengths, challenge areas, and potential career options.

Accessing the assessments

Click on the 'Tasks & Assessments' tab on the left menu. Click on the 'Assessments' tab and you will then have access to the Assessments that have been assigned to you. Click on 'Open' to begin your assessment.

Viewing the assessment results

Once you have completed your assessment, it would give you an option to view your assessment report.


If after clicking 'Open' you are not redirected to the assessments page or you receive an error mentioning that you do not have the valid credentials, please try opening the assessment in another browser. For example, if you are currently using Google chrome try using Safari or Internet Explorer and vice versa. Sometimes there are plug-ins on your browser that stop the assessment from opening.

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