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Getting started with Meetings - Calendar & Zoom sync, schedule, reschedule, delete & how can you see all meetings on the students page

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Meetings are a great way for you and your students to schedule meetings without the hassle of back-and-forth emails trying to coordinate times.

Calendar and Zoom integration 

In a nutshell, Cialfo lets you regain control over your meeting schedule through Calendar Syncs and Office Hours.

Cialfo provides options to integrates with Google Calendar and/or Outlook Calendar. This sync can be carried out in the My Settings option from the profile on the top right corner.

As you open My settings, you will find the Calendar Sync option.

Select the calendar you would like to sync and follow the instructions that appear on the external calendar.

You can also link your Zoom account here by clicking Link Zoom Account. Authorize Cialfo to use your zoom details and click on Save when you have linked the calendar and/or Zoom.

Setting your Timezone, Working Hours and Working Days prevents students from booking meeting during off hours.

Now students won't be able to book meetings outside your office hours, or during your blocked / busy slots! Don't worry - they won't see any details of your appointments; they will only see that you aren't available.

Pro Tip: When creating all-day events to block student meetings for an entire day, make sure you set your availability to "Busy". All-Day events in Google Cal mark you as "Free" by default!

Schedule, reschedule, and delete meetings

Step 1 

To Schedule a meeting, from the Students page, open the profile of the student you wish to set up the meeting with.
Then click on Meetings. You will be able to see the schedule and see your upcoming meetings, if any. To create a new meeting. click on Schedule Meeting in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2

Choose an available time slot.

Once you click on Schedule Meeting, the student's calendar will show available time slots. You will then be able to choose a time slot to meet by clicking on the calendar.

Step 3

Fill in meeting details

Once you have chosen a time slot, you will be able to fill in additional details for your Student. Once you have completed this, you will be able to click Create & Send Invite, which will send an invite to your Student.

Step 4 

Meeting confirmation

Your Student will receive an email invite and will be required to accept the meeting before it is displayed as confirmed. You will also receive a meeting confirmation with the date and time once your Student has accepted the meeting request.

You can reschedule or edit a meeting by clicking on the Edit button adjacent to the meeting you want to reschedule or edit. Click Update to save changes.

Similarly to delete a meeting, click on the Delete  button adjacent to the meeting you want to delete. Click on Delete to confirm and the meeting will be deleted.

Meetings column on Student's dashboard

Counselors can see all upcoming meetings with students, in a single view, through the "Meetings" column inside your Student List!

  1. Click on "Columns"

  2. Select the "Meetings" column

  3. Click "Update Order"

The column will display the count of upcoming and past meetings with each student, as well as the status (pending, accepted, or declined) of each meeting 

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