Registering Students on Cialfo

Preparing to launch Cialfo with students? This is where you can learn about various options & functionality!

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Cialfo is a student-centered platform, let's look at how you can get them started!

Once you've uploaded students to your account, you can proceed with two approaches to send registration emails that will enable them to access Cialfo.

To learn how to add students to the Cialfo platform, please click on the button below.

1. You can use the bulk action function.

If you want to send registration emails to a particular group of students, such as those in a specific grade or graduation year, you can apply a filter. Simply select "Send Registration Email" from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, and the emails will be sent to the selected students shortly after you click "Apply."

ProTip: you can accomplish other tasks from the bulk action function as well. Take a look!

2. To send a registration email to a specific student, you can click on the small "i" icon next to their name, and the email will be sent to them individually.

  • If your student mentions that he/she hasn't received the email you can copy the 'Reset Password' link and email it to them. 

  • Here is a short video on how to add students to the platform, send a registration email, and support students who forgot their password.

This is an example of the registration email your students will see when you press "Send Registration Email":

To begin the registration process, students can click on the "REGISTER YOUR CIALFO ACCOUNT TODAY" button provided in the registration email. Afterwards, they will be directed to the "Create Account" window, where they will need to fill in their personal information and generate a new password by entering and confirming it before clicking on the "Create my account" button.

If a student fails to register on the platform within 7 days of receiving the registration email, they will receive three reminder emails. The example below is one of the reminder emails that are automatically generated when a student does not register on the platform.

We offer resources that can assist you in introducing the platform to students. Be sure to review our launch resources or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.

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