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Prepare and send a Mid-Year Report & Mid-Year Transcript
Prepare and send a Mid-Year Report & Mid-Year Transcript

How to send documents in cDocs

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Mid Year Reports are typically requested by US colleges and universities by the end of January and include Grade 12/Senior Year grades in progress. If counselors have questions as to what a college or university requires, they should consult with each college or university website for more information.

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Uploading Mid Year Transcripts

Counselors can only upload and send one transcript as a Mid Year Transcript to colleges and universities. 

  1. Similar to how initial transcripts were uploaded, counselors can either bulk upload a Mid-Year transcript for students or individually upload them. Remember, these must be PDF documents.

  2. Counselor can individually upload the mid year transcript by going to the student's cDocs profile > Documents tab and click on "Mid-year transcript".

  3. Once clicked, a side bar will appear and counselor can drop the PDF into the blue box for uploading

  4. Once uploaded, it will be shown under the Mid Year Document section. Counselors have the option to delete the document and re-upload it again if they wish to.

Preparing a Common App Mid Year Report Form

Counselor will need to prepare a Common App Mid year Report Form as well in order to send the mid year documents. They can click on "Common App Mid-year Report" to prepare the document.

Verify that the Mid Year Report has been completed by scrolling down to Mid-year Documents section. Counselors have the option to edit the report or delete it.

Please note: Common App schools will require both the Mid Year Transcript and the Common App Mid Year Report. Parchment schools only require the Mid Year Transcript.

Sending for Common App

  1. To submit the Mid Year Report & Transcript for Common App schools, go to a student's cDocs profile and click on Submission tab. 

  2. Be sure to select the button next to Mid Year Transcript to make sure the transcript is attached to the Mid Year Report. 

  3. When ready, press SEND.

  4. Remember, once a Mid Year Transcript and Common App Mid Year Report are sent, they are part of the Common App "One and Done" policy. These documents can only be sent ONCE and when sent, will be sent by Common App to ALL colleges and universities to which the student applies.

Sending for Parchment

  1. To submit the Mid Year Transcript for Parchment schools, go to a student's cDocs profile and find the school under Parchment in Submissions tab.

  2. Find Mid Year Transcript and Send.

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