Cialfo has partnered with Parchment to allow schools to send supporting application documents via Parchment to schools who accept through this delivery method.

BEFORE sending documents, we strongly recommend you go through our presubmission checklist.

Sending for Parchment

Students must have added the universities into their Applying List on Cialfo. Depending on your school's Account Configuration, the counselor, student or parent may add a university to the student's Applying List.

Once the college or university has been added to the Applying list, we recommend identifying the Application Round and Deadline.

There are 2 ways to send documents via Parchment - individually to each Parchment university or Send All. To begin, head to cDocs and search for the needed student.

1st method: Sending documents Individually to each Parchment university

Under the cDocs > Submissions > Student tab, you will be able to find the universities under the Parchment section. Find the Parchment university that you want to send documents to.

  • If the university is listed under the Common App section, you may click into the university and change the Document Delivery Method from Common App to Parchment.

Here, click on the Send button next to the document that you would like to send to the university.

2nd method: Send All to Parchment universities

Under the same student's cDocs page, you may send all documents to the Parchment university with just one click!

After Sending: Verifying Documents Are Sent

After you have sent documents, you will notice that the status will change. First it will say Processing and then the status will change to Sent. Status will then change to Received when received by the university. You can click on "History" to view the time stamp and details on who sent out the document.

A parchment ID is generated for each document that is sent out - you may share the parchment ID with the university if they are unable to track the document(s).

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