Cialfo allows schools to send supporting application documents via Parchment and Common App. For schools that do not accept documents through these two Cialfo partners, we identify those schools as Mail. Mail means that documents have to be sent directly to the college or university either by mail, email, or some other platform. 

BEFORE sending documents, we strongly recommend you go through our presubmission checklist.

Sending for Parchment

Before documents can be sent for a student, the student must have colleges in their Applying list in Cialfo. The counselor, student, or parent can do this depending on the Account Configuration set up by the school.

Once the college or university has been added to the Applying list, we recommend identifying the Application Round and Deadline.

Now document sending for Parchment is ready!

  1. Go to cDocs

  2. Find the student

  3. Click on the Submissions tab

  4. Notice the colleges are sorted by Parchment. Find the Parchment school you want to send documents for, and click college name.

Send Documents Next

Press Send next to each document that you need to send to the college.

After Sending - Verifying Documents Are Sent

After you have sent documents, you will notice that the status will change. First it will say Sent and then the status will change to Received when received by the university. You can click on the drop-down menu to view the time stamp and details on who sent out the document. A parchment id is generated for each document that is sent out and it can be shared with the university if they are unable to track the document.

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