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Prepare and send a Counselor Recommendation & Letter of Recommendation
Prepare and send a Counselor Recommendation & Letter of Recommendation

Getting started with cDocs

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Like teachers, counselors will need to upload their own recommendations. For Common App sending, counselors will also need to prepare Common App forms.

Before preparing documents, ensure that Common App Counselor is selected for the needed students, under Common App Account section on the right hand side of student cDocs Documents page. You can assign Common App Counselor individually or through Bulk Action.

Uploading a Counselor Recommendation

  1. Go to cDocs

  2. In the cDocs > Documents tab, search for the student and go to their Documents tab. Click on the upload button beside "LOR - Counselor" to upload the counselor's recommendation

  3. In the sidebar that appears, you can drop the file or click on it to upload the letter here in PDF format.

  4. Notice that a sidebar will appear. Be sure to identify the document type Letter of Recommendation-Counselor and the Author. Cialfo allow you to select the author because in some cases, an assistant or another counselor may be assisting a colleague in uploading their documents.

  5. Once finished selecting the document type and author, click upload.

Preparing a Counselor Common App Form

  1. Go to cDocs

  2. Search for Student's name and go to Documents tab

  3. Click on the upload button beside "Counselor Recommendation"

  4. Counselor can fill in the Common App Counselor Recommendation form in the side bar that appears. Click Save and it will be uploaded.

From the Documents tab, counselors can prepare all required Common App form (CA Teacher Eval, Common App School Report, Counselor Recommendation). Simply click on the PDF button to start preparing these forms.

If forms are completed correctly, there will be a Tick symbol next to the form.

If you need to edit or delete the form, then go to Documents and select the edit or delete button.

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