Update: Cialfo has rolled out an updated User Experience (UX). For a limited amount of time, clients will be able to switch from using the new UX and previous UX. This article will address both types of UX.

The Tasks and Assessments section is a powerful tool that allows counselors to store and share files/documents with students and enables task automations in Cialfo. You would have access to 3 folders. 

New User Experience (UX)

Previous User Experience (UX)

  1. The school shared folder. The entire counseling team has access to files/tasks added here. Tasks created in this folder can be linked to grades or groups, thereby enabling automatic task assignment.
  2. Personal - Only the creator would have access to files/tasks added here. 
  3. Cialfo - These are sample tasks created by Cialfo which you can use as a template. Before editing a task list under Cialfo, it is suggested to copy it to the school folder by clicking on the task list > Actions > Copy >School shared folder. This will ensure that you still have access to the original template in Cialfo folder for future use.

Difference between a Task list and Application Config

  1. Task List - A separate list of tasks and essays that students will receive once.
  2. Application Config - a set of tasks and essays that students receive inside every school application that meets the config's criteria. Application Configs can send tasks to all students, or to students applying to particular schools or countries. EG: You would have separate Application Configs for tasks and essays pertaining to (A) all colleges in the United States, (B) all colleges in Canada, or (C) all applications to Stanford University.

Creating a Task List

To Create a task click on the Add Resources button and from the drop down select Task List. It will then open a pop-up window which will require you to give your task list a name. This is more like a category under which you can add your individual tasks. Give your task list a name and click 'Create'.

Once you click 'Create' you get the option of adding a Task or Essay. Give your task or Essay a title. Select a due date (optional) and fill in any other required information. Visible to by default is set to everyone (counselors and students). You can change to staff only if you don't want it visible to students or set a future date for when the task should be visible to students. If you would like to share any files with the students, you can upload it under 'student files' and if there are any internal files that only counselors should have access to, you can upload them under 'staff only files'. Click here if you need to understand the difference between a Task and an Essay.

Assigning or Publishing a task list

Resources can be assigned to students automatically (by linking it to a grade or group) or manually (by importing or bulk-assigning it to any students you choose). Students added to the linked grade or group will automatically receive the latest version of the task list.

To assign the task list by grade tick the checkbox 'assign task list to grade' and then you can select all grades if you want the task list to be linked to all the grades or you can select the individual required grade. Make sure to click 'publish' for the task list to get assigned to the students.

Creating an Application Config

To Create an Application Config click on the Add Resources button and from the drop down select Application Config. It will then open a pop-up window which will require you to give your task list a name. This is more like a category under which you can add your individual tasks. Give your task list a name and click 'Create'. Creating the tasks will be similar to how to create a task list. The main difference is that Application Configs are linked to a student's application and these tasks will appear in the student's respective school's task list. You can set the criteria for the application config by selecting one of the options in Tasks will be added to these applications. For. eg. If you select the criteria as all applications, the tasks will appear under all the student's applications. Whereas if you select the criteria as Applications to one school and select Brown University, the tasks will only appear for students that add Brown University as their applying school. The screenshot below displays a scenario wherein the selection is Applications in Region - United States. So the tasks will appear under each of the student's US school.

Assigning or Publishing a Application Config 

This works similar to assigning a task list as mentioned above. Do remember that these tasks will only appear if the student's application matches the selected criteria.

Archiving a Task List

Assume that you have created a task list but not happy with it and would not want to use it any more. At Cialfo we use the term 'Archive' instead of delete. Since, this allows us to restore the file if it was accidentally deleted. This needs to be done in 2 steps.

Step 1: This step is applicable only if you have assigned the task list to any students.

Click on the task list that you would like to delete. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'Added Students' section. Select all the students and click on the Archive Selected button.

Step 2: Scroll to the top of the task list page. Click on Actions button and then Archive.

Assigning existing tasks to the new students at the start of the school year

The video below explains how you can use an existing task list for the next school year too with just a few tweaks.

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