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How to have 1 file split into separate documents AND uploaded to the appropriate students on cDocs!

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The Document Splitter is Cialfo's solution for splitting transcripts and bulk uploading them. It allows you to upload a single PDF file containing all your students' transcripts, split them, and assign them to the appropriate student in cDocs.

The workflow of the Document Splitter is very similar to the Bulk Uploader with one major difference - the Configuration.

Step 1: Locate the Document Splitter

On the top right-hand corner, click on your Profile Picture and a drop-down menu should appear. Under Account, select Bulk Upload.

You will find the Document Splitter next to Bulk Upload:

Step 2: Uploading your file

After selecting "Upload", drag or drop the file you want to split.

Note: The file must be a PDF file. We accept up to 10 MB file sizes.

Step 3: Selecting the Document Type

After uploading the file, select the type of document you're uploading. The choices can be seen in the screenshot below. Click "Next Step" after you've selected the appropriate Document Type.

Step 4: Configuring your Upload & Matching Requirements

After selecting the type of document you're uploading, you will be asked to configure the file and the Matching Requirements. Doing this will allow you to control HOW Cialfo will be splitting the documents and matching the documents to the necessary students on cDocs.

Matching Requirements:

Choose how strict your matching requirements will be. Name is required. To make the matching more accurate, you can choose to use Date of Birth and/or External ID, If these details are inside the document you're uploading, our system will use that to match to the needed student!

Note: to ensure the matching requirements work, these details must be both present in the document you're uploading AND on Cialfo

  1. Name (required): This field is selected by default.

  2. Date of Birth (optional)

  3. External ID (optional)

Definition of Configurations

  1. Document type: the kind of document you're uploading (Initial transcript, mid year transcript, etc)

  2. Graduation Year: the students' graduation year you're uploading for

  3. Automatic Approval: once a document has been matched to a student, an approval is needed from the counselor uploading. If this is ticked, the system will approve any document that has been matched without needing the counselor's validation.

  4. Date of Birth Format: specify the date format in the document being uploaded

  5. Name Order: specify to the Cialfo system how the student name appears in the document AND on Cialfo. Ex. If the document has First Name Middle Name Last Name, you need to ensure that these same details are on Cialfo as well to ensure the matching is done accurately. You would then need to select the Name Order of "<first name><middle><last name>" from the drop down.

  6. External ID: specify what type of External ID is used in the documents being uploaded (PowerSchool, Veracross, etc). In order for the matching to work, ensure that the same external ID is present on your student's Cialfo account.

  7. Start Point - refers to the first page where the Document Splitter begins working (this can be used to skip any introductory pages before beginning to split the desired documents within the PDF)

  8. End Point - refers to the final page of the last transcript.

  9. Transcript length - refers to the length of the transcript being split out for an individual student (ex. if a transcript for 1 student is 2 pages long, indicate 2 here). NOTE: All transcripts of the students must be the same length.

Once you've set up your specific configurations, click "Next Step".

Step 5: Processing of the documents

After setting up your configuration, you will be led to the processing page. Depending on how large the file is, this can easily take as quickly as a few seconds up to a few minutes.

Step 6: Reviewing the documents

Once document processing is complete, you'll be led to the Review & Confirm page:

In this step, we will be breaking down the 4 tabs found after uploading the documents:

  • For Review

  • Approved

  • All

  • Errors

i. All tab:

This is where you can review all the documents you have uploaded. If you want to review a document, you can select the file name of the desired document and a sidebar to the right will appear with the preview of the document.

ii. For Review tab:

This is where you can find all the documents' statuses listed below:

  • Matched - documents uploaded have been matched to the correct student based on the configuration set. If this is the case, you can proceed to click "Approve All Matches" (after double checking of course!)

  • Unmatched - documents that have NOT been matched.

  • Potential duplicates - documents that may be potentially duplicated (the file type may have already been previously uploaded for the student on cDocs)

  • Multiple matches - when a document matches more than 1 student (ex. 2 students with the same name)

If your documents' statuses are Unmatched, Potential Matches and Multiple matches, you can do one of the two actions:

a. You can ignore the file so that the file will not be uploaded. Click the "x" icon to do so.

b. Manually match: you can select the student from the drop down and match.

iii. Errors tab

An error may show up in the error tab in the event you may have uploaded a non-PDF file or there are issues preventing the document from being processed. In order to amend the error, you would need to upload a new file to replace it.

iv. Approved tab

This is where you will find all approved files which will be assigned to the appropriate student once you click "Finish Import".

After reviewing the document matching and clicking "Finish Import" - you're all done! The documents will then be uploaded to the necessary student's documents tab on cDocs, ready for you to send!

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