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How to send documents for Direct Apply Applications

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Before documents can be sent for a student through Direct Apply, counselors need to make sure they have uploaded all the necessary documents such as School Report, Transcripts, Letter of Recommendation etc. Here's how you can navigate through the document sending process for students applying via Direct Apply.

Uploading Documents

Head on to the student's view and click on cDocs then Documents tab. This will lead you to the student's individual cDocs page. Here you are able to upload documents for students just by clicking on the upload button.

Documents Sending

Once all required documents are uploaded successfully, head to Submission tab and scroll down to the Direct Apply section. This houses all the Direct Applications that are added by the student.

All documents can either be sent individually or send all at once.

You can also click on "Exclude file" before sending all documents. Files that are excluded will be greyed out.

After Sending: Verifying Documents Are Sent

After clicking on the Send button, it will show as Processing (Purple) before changing to Sent (Green). There will be a timestamp of when the documents were sent.

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