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Understanding your student's Home page
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We are delighted to unveil the relaunch of our platform for this application cycle, featuring exciting new user interfaces tailored for both counselors and students, aimed at elevating your overall experience. This article aims at explaining the Student's homepage, how to navigate to different features and utilize the platform.

Counselors can follow these steps to enter into students window: Go to the Students tab, search for the student and click on the student's name. This action will direct you to the student's home page, where you can access and explore their information.

Navigating the Student's Home page

After entering the student's view, the counselor will find the Student's Homepage on the left navigation menu. If the counselor wants to switch to the next student's view, they can conveniently use the next arrow option located at the top left corner. Counselor can also exit the student view from there.

Search Bar

The counselors can use the global search bar at the top of the Home page to effortlessly search for universities, students on the platform, events hosted by the universities and courses offered by various institutions thus streamlining the search process.


The "Student Profile" card on the Home page allows the counselors to edit essential details such as personal information of the student, application specifics, university preferences, test scores, contact information, and extracurricular activities, while also displaying the student's assigned counselor. The counselors can understand where a student's profile stands by looking at the "Profile Strength". The more information a student profile has stronger the application and the higher likelihood of university acceptance. This card also shows the number of applications added to student's different lists either by the student's counselor or by the students themselves.

Note: The counselors cannot edit the student's contact number as an OTP is sent to verify the number.

Note: The counselors should be aware that the students cannot make any changes to the student's profile unless they have been given permission to do so. To grant the students, access to edit their information, the counselors can navigate to the "Configurations" page by clicking on the 3 lines and scrolling down to the "Student Connectivity" tab.

University Road Map

The counselors can use the "University Roadmap" to assist the students in guiding them through the college application process. They can fill in the information on behalf of the students. My University Roadmap card reveals three categories: Profile, Discover, and Apply. The University Roadmap consists of important information such as

  • Student's Personal Information

  • Preferences

  • Assessments assigned to a student

  • Discovery Center ( Where the student can browse universities, explore careers and much more)

  • Applications added to different student lists.

Recommended Universities

Under the Personalized Recommendations section, the counselors can take a look at the different universities and explore the endless options available for the students. These recommendations for universities are based on information that the counselors or the students have included on the platform. The counselors can also add a student's application by simply clicking on "Add to List" under Personalized Recommendations.

Discovery Center & Career

This will help students discover an extensive collection of Careers, encompassing options that align well with the skills and interests of your students. Careers are suggested to students based on Academic Fit and Saved careers. If there is no data available for a student, careers are shown based on the top saved careers for the country/region.

The counselors can click on "View All" to browse through the careers in different industry types for the student. In the summary view, counselors can make use of two filters.

  1. Industry

  2. Interests

The discovery center is curated based on the preferences and interests indicated by the students in their preference fit (e.g. country and location where the student is interested in studying; courses/majors they are interested in). There are three types of content hosted in the Discovery Center:

  • Videos - The videos under this cover academic advice, career exploration, professional development, and more.

  • Study Guides - This section will help students in obtaining an overview of studying in a specific country by providing information on various topics like Admission requirements, Scholarships, Accommodation, Visa requirements and so on.

  • Latest articles - These articles provide valuable insights, guidance, and information to help students navigate their career paths and make informed decisions about their education.

In the summary view, students can choose from a number of filters based on their preferences:

  • Country

  • Content-Type

  • Topics


The Events tab displays the events that have been conducted in the past. This helps the students to ask questions related to their careers, university choices and much more.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to Chat with Cialfo.

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