Prepare and send a Common App School Report

How counselor can prepare a Common App School Report

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When sending documents for Common App schools, a Common App School Report is part of the required documents to be prepared and sent together with mandatory documents like School Profile and optional documents such as Initial Transcript, Other, Transfer Transcript.

Do note that Common App School Report is part of the One and Done Policy, meaning counselor only needs to prepare it only once and it will be sent to all the school in the student's applying list once the counselor press Send in the Submission tab.

"One and Done" Forms

Mandatory Documents

Optional Documents

Common App School Report

School Profile

Initial Transcript, Transcript, Other, Transfer Transcript

*Pro-tip: Forgot to include a transcript as part of the school report? You may use the Optional Report to send it to colleges, however, the transcript must be uploaded as "Optional Transcript"

The Common App School Report is where you will need to input information like a student’s transcripts and ratings, as well as your school’s GPA reporting and curriculum.

Preparing of Common App School Report

Counselor can prepare this report by clicking on the prepare button next to "Common App School Report" under Initial Documents Section.

Once clicked, a sidebar will appear for counselor to input details about the school, such as Class Rank, GPA system, Curriculum, Ratings and Transcript. Once all the required fields has been filled in, click on Save.

Once the Common App School Report is prepared successfully, there will be a blue tick next to it:

There is also an option for counselor to edit or delete the Common App School Report, just scroll down to the Initial Document section to look for it.

Sending of Common App School Report

To send the Common App School Report along with other documents, go to Submission tab and look under Common App One & Done section. Remember to tick on the documents that you want to send along with the report. The School Profile will be automatically included in the report. When ready, just press Send.

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