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Exploring A University's Profile
Exploring A University's Profile

Navigating a revamped university search experience

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Our University Profiles now have a new look!

Profiles are now full-sized, easier to navigate and provide you with a better viewing experience while looking for your best-fit university.

Each profile comprises five primary tabs: Profile, Admission, Courses, Student Life, and Student Data. Clicking on each tab will provide you with more information on each area of the university's profile. Each university's profile also comes with a unique profile link, so if you like what you see - share away!

Connecting and Adding Universities to Your Lists

If you see a university that you are interested in, you have the option of connecting directly with the university by clicking on the 'Connect Now' button. To add this to your Longlist, Shortlist, and Applying list, simply click on one of the options in the 'Add to List' dropdown menu.

The University's Profile

The University's Profile include information about the University, Admission, Cost, a section on Notes, as well as the University's Contact Information.

Clicking into the side-carrot will reveal more information about each section that you are interested in.

The University's Courses

Under the Direct Apply Tab, you have access to the following information:

  • Course information: Department, course type, benefits of applying via Direct Apply

  • Summary

  • Study mode: full-time or distance, duration, start date

  • Entry requirements: application requirements, grades

  • Fees: fee breakdown, sponsorship information

  • Contact: admissions rep/office contact details

You are also able to add the specific course you'd like to your applying list or Direct Apply list. To do this, locate the 'Add Application' button, and this course will be added to your list for the university.

The University's Student Life

Scroll further down into the Student Life section and you'll find testimonials, information on sports and athletics, as well as the environment and demographics of the school.

The University's Student Data

In this section, you'll have access to Scattergram data. In addition, counselors also have visibility into application history data at a glance.

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