cDocs Documents Tab

With the revamped cDocs Document tab, counselors can now easily identify the complete list of prepared, uploaded, and pending documents with color-coded tabs, prioritize document sending, and extensive filtering options as well as manage their school's Recommenders.

At the top, you will see sub-tabs such as All Documents, All Recommendations, My Recommendations, and Recommenders on the top. You will see a search bar where you can search the student’s name, email, or ID. You can also filter by Counselors, CA & FERPA, or Document Type below the search bar.

All Documents sub-tab

When you are on the ‘All Documents’ sub-tab, you will see all documents associated with a student. You’ll notice that this is organized by document type; Initial Documents, Mid-Year Documents, Final Documents, Other Documents.

  1. Documents that are highlighted in blue, are uploaded and prepared

  2. Documents that are highlighted in grey are not uploaded and prepared.

The color code guide helps counselors visually identify the stats of different document and allow them to focus on what needs to be uploaded at a glance.

In the example below, Anne Arthur has 2 initial transcripts, 1 Common App School Report, 3 CA teacher evaluations, and 1 Letter of recommendation uploaded and prepared.

All Recommendations and My Recommendations sub-tab

In the All Recommendations sub-tab, you will see a summary of all the recommendations that each student has. You will see whether there is a survey answered, the number of recommenders each student has and whether there are any recommendations and forms uploaded. Filters can be applied to this as well to make navigation a breeze.

My Recommendations work similarly to All recommendations, but only display the recommendations that the counselor is assigned. This is great for counselors who may also be subject teachers or mentors and may need to provide a specific Letter of Recommendation (LoR) aside from the Counselor Letter of Recommendation.

Recommenders sub-tab

The recommenders tab lists all the recommenders registered with your school. You can access information such as whether a CA account is linked, how many students are assigned, the number of recommendations, and how many CA teacher evaluations have been prepared in this sub-tab.

The Search & Filter Functions

Similar to the Submissions tab, you can search for a student using their name, email, or student ID. You can also filter by Counselors, CA & FERPA Statuses, and document type.

All filters will be ‘summarized’ underneath the filter drop-down menus and in the numbers beside each category. If you want to delete your filters, simply click on the ‘x’ button for the desired filter or hit the ‘Reset’ button to clear all filters.

Filter by Counselor

To filter by a counselor, simply search the counselor’s name and add them to the list. You may add more than one counselor and can see the total number of filters applied beside the ‘Counselors’ filter drop-down. Two filters are applied for Demo Admin 3 and Alpha Teacher in this case.

Filter by CA & FERPA Status

Filtering by CA and FERPA status works much like a checkbox. Similarly, you may check more than one filter, and it will apply to the dashboard of students below.

Filter by Document Type

You may also filter by document type. In document type, you can filter by the Document Status (Uploaded/ Not Uploaded) or by the type of document. You may also apply more than one filter to this section.

Navigating to the student’s cDocs Profile - Documents Page

Clicking on the student’s name as highlighted below will bring you to the student’s individual documents page; more information can be found in this article.

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