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Product Updates - University

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Product Updates:


May 2022

Higher Ed Insights - live since March

Higher Ed Insights has been live since March 2022. With the thousands of applications that universities receive yearly, it becomes a challenge to evaluate the performance of their funnel, as well as gathering insights to implement and improve their international recruitment strategies, collect aggregated data, and improving your conversion rate.

Higher Ed Insights aims to solve those problems (and more!) and assist universities in their overall workflow. You can check the relevant help article here to find more information on how to use this feature, and if this is unavailable to your university, you may add this as an add-on by speaking with your University Engagement Manager.

Connections - live since April

With the release of Connections last month, in April, Universities now have the capability to download the connections made by high schools to their university, allowing universities to engage and interact with high schools in a more meaningful way by connecting them at key points in the application journey.

For more information on Connections and how it works for you, please see this help article. If you don’t have access or want to add Connections to your Explore account, please contact your University Engagement Manager.

[Coming Soon]: Higher Ed Insights filters

We will be increasing the filters and data for Higher Ed insights in the next few weeks. These updates will allow universities more information and the capability to analyze the data better. We will be including high school city and state

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